Anthony Edwards signs with WME

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Evan Sidery @esidery
Three players from the 2020 draft class are expected to sign rookie-scale max extensions once free agency begins:
Anthony Edwards
LaMelo Ball
Tyrese Haliburton PM

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This offseason, Timberwolves center and impending free agent Naz Reid said he has been getting “closer and closer” with teammates Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels, who, more than anyone else, are giving him the hard sell on staying with the team once the frenzy of free agency begins July 1. They have plans in the next several weeks, and it might be just a bit awkward if Reid isn’t with the Wolves any longer. “Leaving them would be a little heartbreaking, but they understand as well,” Reid told the Star Tribune in a Zoom interview Thursday. “Obviously we’re trying to push the opposite way to stay together. They’ve tried. I’m hanging out with them all the time. We’re getting closer and closer, so it would be hard for me to leave those guys.” -via Minneapolis Star-Tribune / June 15, 2023
Tim Hardaway Sr. on Karl-Anthony Towns saying he changed the game: Who are these people saying that you changed the game with the way you played? First of all, you need to win playoff games. You got four playoff wins in 12 tries, zero series wins. You go out there and you average 23 points, 11 rebounds per game, you’re playing well, he’s a good NBA player but he doesn’t make anybody better on his team, it’s all about him at times. He tries to show up the referees instead of going out there to play team basketball. Sometimes he’s out there and you don’t even see him, you don’t even know that he’s out there. I think he needs to have a reality check and he needs to work on his game a little bit more and making his teammates better and having a better season. In Minnesota, they just talk too much, all of them. Anthony Edwards talks, Karl-Anthony Towns talks, some other players, they talk. They just need to shut up and go out there and play basketball. They just need to go out there to play and try to win games. -via YouTube / June 15, 2023

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