Charles Barkley on Kevin Durant: He’s part of that generation who thinks he can’t be criticized

His takes don’t always go over well. Kevin Durant, a perennial all-star, once said of Charles Barkley, ‘I don’t know why they still ask for this idiot’s opinion.’ Jon Wertheim: Kevin Durant. Charles Barkley: He’s very sensitive. Great player. He’s part of that generation who think he can’t be criticized. He’s never looked in the mirror and said, ‘Man, was that a fair criticism?’. Jon Wertheim: We’re in agreement today’s players are a little more sensitive to criticism than your generation. Charles Barkley: That would be a understatement.
Source: Jon Wertheim @ CBS News

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Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
“I’ve fallen asleep just sitting there watching like, ‘This is just bad basketball.’”
This segment on Charles Barkley is awesome 😂
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Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
#Suns at #Mavs last season after Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving trades. PM
Evan Sidery @esidery
NBA efficiency leaderboard amongst players who carried a +20% usage rate last season:
1. Nikola Jokic = 70.1 TS%
2. Kevin Durant = 67.7 TS%
3. Domantas Sabonis = 66.8 TS%
4. Stephen Curry = 65.6 TS%
5. Joel Embiid = 65.5 TS%
6. Zion Williamson = 65.2 TS%
7. Myles Turner = 65.1… PM
BasketNews @BasketNews_com
When you think Chelsea are done signing players, they go ahead and lure Kevin Durant to Stamford Bridge 😅
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Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria
Class of 26 star @ADybantsa
is playing in the Drew League today at 4:30 pm ET
His game will be televised on NBA-TV
Dybantsa worked out this week with KD and LeBron
More on @NYTSports… AM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Need help: Which team is most likely to win the title next season?
Team 1…
Paul George
Team 2…
Team 3…
Anthony Davis
Team 4…
Zion – 8:21 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Kevin Durant in his MVP season:
32.0 PPG (!)
7.4 RPG
5.5 APG
50/39/87% (!!)
Top __ MVP season all-time. PM
Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
We’re going live on @PHNX_Suns to talk about expectations for Josh Okogie, KD and Book doing some cool offseason stuff, and snake draft the best types of bread (because our office can’t stop arguing about it)! Come hang out:… PM
David Aldridge @davidaldridgedc
Ron Rivera, on longtime Commanders fan Kevin Durant attending practice this morning: “For guys like KD to come back and show their support means a lot to us.” – 11:21 AM
Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria
Now on @ForbesSports
High School Star A.J. Dybantsa Works Out With Kevin Durant And LeBron James via @forbes…
@ExpressionsBall – 10:48 AM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
KD & Paolo could’ve been one in the same while training together 🧐
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Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
The Golden State Warriors recently traded Jordan Poole, leading Charles Barkley to make a bold claim.…4:00 AM

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Grant Hill: ‘There is the expectation to win. It’s really, I think people care more about us losing than us winning. And what I mean by that is we’re supposed to win. There’s maybe in a way a lack of appreciation for the international game here in the US. And what I mean by that is that it’s hard, like it’s not easy. You think back to some of those legendary teams, the Redeem Team in 2008. You think back to the 2012 big team with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, all the talent on those teams, and you get on those medal games, it’s a two-point game with 90 seconds left, you know? It’s not the original Dream Team where you steamrolled the competition. The rest of the world has improved, and the talent level has increased. And it’s a game that they are more familiar with the game, is officiated differently, and the rules are different. I’m not making excuses, but really just trying to illustrate that this is not easy. And so we’re grateful for the commitment from the 12 men who will be on this team.” -via Apple Podcasts / July 30, 2023
Born three days apart, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan were once the best of friends, but as Jordan struggled as owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Barkley minced no words. Charles Barkley: And what I said, I think that he don’t have enough people around him that are gonna tell him, ‘No.’ And he got really offended, and we haven’t spoken. But, Jon, I really, I’m gonna do my job. Because, I have zero credibility if I criticize other people in the same boat and not criticize my best friend. -via CBS News / July 30, 2023
You’re not a used car salesman either. I mean, if a game’s no good, you’ll admit it, you’ll say it. Charles Barkley: Oh yeah, because the fan, the fans ain’t stupid. They just saw it. If I tell them that was a good game, they’re gonna be like, ‘What the hell is Charles (laugh) talkin’ about?’. Jon Wertheim: You said sometimes you’ve even fallen asleep on the set. Charles Barkley: Oh, I fall asleep, like, just sittin’ there watchin’, like, ‘Yo, man, this is just bad basketball.’ -via CBS News / July 30, 2023
The Warriors in the last decade have grown to have their biggest nemesis be the closest player still chasing the GOAT on the court. Off the court, a Hall of Famer also has been one of their biggest haters. Charles Barkley’s fiery hate for the Warriors isn’t cooling off. Draymond Green being his broadcasting teammate at TNT hasn’t helped. It only increased Barkley’s disdain for the Dubs. He always has a reason to not believe in the Warriors, and though it was in a subtle way, Barkley recently showed his lack of belief going into next season. Speaking with NBC Sports Bay Area’s Monte Poole on “Dubs Talk” at the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe Resort, Barkley only named four teams he sees as contenders right now. They are the Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. -via NBC Sports Bay Area / July 26, 2023

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