Clippers in no rush to extend Kawhi Leonard

LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard is eligible for a contract extension, but according to ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk, the team is in “no rush” to extend their superstar forward right now. Speaking with Zach Lowe on The Lowe Post Podcast, Youngmisuk said, “I hear it’s kind of quiet right now. There is no rush on an extension for Kawhi Leonard, and then Paul George will be eligible in September.”
Source: Sports Illustrated

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Bleacher Report: Ty Lue and the Clippers ready to lock in 🔒 (via All The Smoke, @shobasketball) -via YouTube / July 27, 2023
All three of your seasons with the Clippers ended with one or both of Kawhi or Paul, one of them out. How has it been dealing with that?” Tyronn Lue: “You know, it’s been tough. You know, it’s been frustrating, especially as a coach. I think as our fans, the Clipper fans, as an organization, because you know we feel like we have the potential to win a championship. We have all the pieces, all the right pieces, and we have two great stars like PG and Kawhi, two of the best stars I’ve ever been around as far as two-way players. But not a headache, like you can go to, like they’re not looking for media, they’re not looking for attention. Like you can go to those guys and ask them to do anything, and they’ll do it. And it’s just unfortunate because, you know, everybody had a load management and they kind of give those guys a hard time. But at the end of the day, if they don’t want to play in the playoffs, like, these are real significant injuries, you know? And so, you know, you try to manage guys to get to that point when we get to the playoffs, we can finish the season, and it just hasn’t been that way. And so it’s not a thing where they’re sitting out or load management in the playoffs. Like, that’s the dumbest I’ve ever heard.” -via YouTube / July 27, 2023

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