Clippers unserious in talks about James Harden?

Being willing to take the Van Vleet risk rather than the Harden one says a lot about how the latter is viewed right now. Even the Clippers, Harden’s preferred destination, have been fairly unserious about what they’re willing to give up in order to acquire him. The prevailing sentiment seems to be that Harden is still valued, but on the team’s terms, which is a shift from the franchise-defining clout Harden had at his peak.
Source: Philly Voice

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Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA
New Lowe Post podcast: Nuggets coach Michael Malone goes behind the scenes on Denver’s journey to the title, then @NotoriousOHM on Clippers at the crossroads; Harden trade talks; Kawhi/PG extensions; Ty Lue; more:
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Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
“D Wade, he had Shaq, then he had Bron. He ain’t never really been by himself. When (he was in) Miami by himself, they were trash.”
Jeff Teague has James Harden over Dwyane Wade on his top SG list.
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(via Club 520 Podcast) PM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
T-Mac cooked up some HOT takes on Harden and Wemby
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Rob Mahoney @RobMahoney
It’s mailbag week on Group Chat! We talked through Jaylen Brown’s new extension, then answered your questions about Philly’s best-case scenario with Harden, ticking clocks, the last FAs, Cleveland’s future, Luka/Kyrie, and more:…12:26 PM
Ethan Strauss @SherwoodStrauss
NEW POD with Ace Audio Man ⁦@SpikeEskin⁩ ($). Talking Harden, a contrary take on The Bear and so many other things… AM
StatMuse @statmuse
Who has had a better career?
Wade — Harden —
22/5/5 25/6/7
48/29/77% 44/36/86%
13x All-Star 10x All-Star
8x All-NBA 7x All-NBA
3x Champion 0x Champion
0x MVP 1x MVP AM
StatMuse @statmuse
Active players with multiple 30+ PPG seasons:
James Harden
LeBron James
Joel Embiid
Bradley Beal
Steph Curry
Kevin Durant
Who is most likely to join the list next? PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
From earlier — Veteran point guard says Lillard-Heat situation is “bad for the league,” as James Harden also chimes in.…5:04 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Most 50-point games over the last 5 seasons:
14 — Harden
11 — Dame
7 — Steph
6 — Giannis
Nobody else has more than 5. PM
Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
James Harden: “I just work hard, play basketball and let everybody else talk. So I don’t consider myself a good guy. I don’t consider myself a bad guy. I just do my job and stay out of the way and that’s kind of been my mindset my entire career.”
Well, there you go. PM
Tracy McGrady rips into James Harden for requesting trade from 76ers: ‘That makes zero sense to me’…1:34 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
NBA’s Austin Rivers says Lillard-Heat situation is ‘bad for the league,’ as James Harden chimes in…12:14 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
NBA’s Austin Rivers on Damian Lillard-Heat situation, “It’s bad for the league,” as James Harden also chimes in.… Also: Heat summer prospect moves on to Nets. – 9:27 AM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
James Harden on Damian Lillard situation, ‘I see both sides because I went through it’…7:20 PM
Howard Beck @HowardBeck
Recently sat down w/the legend @Tmac_213 to discuss his Ones Basketball League, James Harden, Dame Lillard, the Suns superteam and much more, for @GQSports:…3:40 PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
Sixers’ Paul Reed on James Harden: ‘I hope he comes back’… via @phillyinquirer – 2:59 PM
Salman Ali @SalmanAliNBA
-@espn_macmahon doesn’t believe Stephen Silas had much control
-By contrast, Ime Udoka is being empowered to do whatever he pleases
-Udoka may be the most powerful non-Fertitta in the organization
-MacMahon confirms the Rockets desire to reunite with James Harden cooled… – 2:25 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
“James Harden, that’s like my big brother. One of the coolest vets I know. I hope he comes back, but I understand business is business…”
Paul Reed gives his thoughts on the James Harden situation #Sixers… via @SixersWire – 12:38 PM

More on this storyline

Player empowerment has also grown in the league. You know, for example, like Damian Lillard right now. He’s basically saying he only wants to play for Miami. When it comes to the player empowerment, do you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing for a player to kind of dictate where they want to play in the league? James Harden: I see both sides of it. I see both sides because I went through it… to where the organization wants to do what’s best for them – they don’t want just to give a player that basically is one of the best players they’ve ever had in their organization away for nothing, so I get the organization side. And then I get the player side, as far as wanting to play and be somewhere, whether it’s because it’s the right situation for you, your family, or yourself or whatever that person is going through. So I see both sides. If they can meet in the middle and kind of come to an agreement and figure it out, then that’s like the best scenario. I wouldn’t want an organization to send a player somewhere where they wouldn’t want to be… because you’ve built a real relationship with that person. That person has done so many great things for your organization. But then you don’t want to give that player away for nothing. So I get both sides. So just find a balance, meet in the middle, and hopefully both sides can come to an agreement. -via HoopsHype / July 28, 2023
However, the New York Knicks have been mentioned as a team that has an interest in Harden as well. However, how would a Harden to New York trade work? It doesn’t appear that the Knicks have the assets to send Philadelphia in any type of deal. ESPN’s Bobby Marks mentioned on “NBA Today”: I think it’s hard for New York if you’re just trying to get that money there. If you’re not willing to give up RJ Barrett in a deal, I think Barrett would have to be probably involved in there. I think they add the pieces whether it be Isaiah Hartenstein or Immanuel Quickley, young players like that. I think it’s just hard to get the money to work. I think if you’re New York, if you had the expiring contract, certainly have that Evan Fournier contract, would you add an Immanuel Quickley and whatever another contract to get to the money working in and a first or second-round pick, but I think if you’re Philadelphia that’s what you’re looking at. -via Sixers Wire / July 28, 2023

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