Damian Lillard: ‘This season was my best season in my career, individually’

Damian Lillard: I think this season was my best season in my career, individually. I’m not going to say statistically, but I think I could be better. I think I can have a better season than I had this year. That doesn’t mean I’m going to score more points or get more assists, but I think I can have a better season than I had this year. I haven’t been healthy for four years up until last year. This past season was the first time I was healthy in four years.
Source: Michael Scotto @ HoopsHype

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Could you imagine Zion and Dame in Portland together? 👀
“Box-office duos, this is definitely going to be one of them.” —@alanhahn pic.twitter.com/stwWqXW2Ew9:14 AM
Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto
Exclusive: Damian Lillard discussed Portland’s NBA Draft options, his input in front office decisions with the Blazers, the importance of a championship for his legacy, when he’ll retire, and his Modelo Summer Buckets Sweepstakes.
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ESPN spent part of morning claiming that a Maxey/Tobias Harris package would beat anything Heat could offer Portland for Lillard. Yes, Maxey is appealing – but 76ers don’t have any first rounder to trade until 2029. That’s a big deal. – 9:53 PM
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On tomorrow’s Locked On NBA I absolutely trashed that Bam Adebayo to Portland. If that’s what they are leaking then just say bye to Dame now – 9:13 PM
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“That’s why I would tell Damian Lillard, man, just tell [Portland] you want to go”
@TermineRadio & @JumpShot8 discuss Portland’s 3rd overall pick and what that might mean for Lillard’s future as a Blazer. pic.twitter.com/v6TqQlA2Z49:01 PM
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Pat Riley couldn’t discuss trade rumors, Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard or impending free agents today. But he did offer some insight on the Heat’s approach entering an important offseason miamiherald.com/sports/nba/mia… Riley: “We’re not going to take a wrecking ball to this thing.” – 7:55 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
Heat mailbag: Confidence or a calculated risk? A look at the Heat’s Damian Lillard gamble miamiherald.com/sports/nba/mia…7:53 PM
The Ringer @ringernba
What’s the latest intel on Dame, Draymond, and James Harden?
The Offer Sheet: nbarankings.theringer.com/the-offer-sheet7:01 PM
Steve Bulpett @SteveBHoop
Is Portland keeping Damian Lillard?
Is it time for New Orleans to move Zion?
Would Draymond really leave the Warriors?
League sources weigh in on some of the key issues. New from @HeavyOnSports:
bit.ly/42QmU075:14 PM
Erik Slater @erikslater_
Nets: The under-the-radar trade option who could be Brooklyn’s Damian Lillard backup plan. clutchpoints.com/nets-trade-opt…5:10 PM
Sean Deveney @SeanDeveney
It’s all about the tax.
@SteveBHoop talked to league execs for the latest on why the @MiamiHEAT passed on Brad Beal (no, not Damian Lillard) and what’s up with Zion …
More at @HeavyOnSports:
heavy.com/sports/miami-h…4:03 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
NEW: Pat Riley couldn’t discuss trade rumors, Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard or impending free agents today. But he did offer some insight on the Heat’s approach entering an important offseason miamiherald.com/sports/nba/mia… Riley: “We’re not going to take a wrecking ball to this thing.” – 3:59 PM
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“He’s the one they want forever”
🏀 @EvCoRadio reacts to the report of the #Blazers preparing an offer for Bam Adebayo to pair with Damian Lillard #HeatCulture #RipCity pic.twitter.com/nPAG43bVn43:15 PM
Alvaro Martin @AlvaroNBAMartin
Dice Jake que POR ofrece juventud y selecciones atractivas por Bam Adebayo, lo que MIA rechaza de plano.
TrailBlazers es incapaz de armarle un equipo veterano a Damian Lillard. De no hacerlo, Dame envía señales que no le caería bien.
¿Las últimas horas de Lillard con Portland? pic.twitter.com/NEo9TdPlDs1:53 PM
Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz
Many notable things said by Heat president Pat Riley at his annual post-season news conference (he’s not allowed to talk about Lillard, Beal, etc.): miamiherald.com/sports/nba/mia…1:40 PM
The Ringer @ringernba
✓ Will the Suns’ new superteam work?
✓ Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller?
✓ Is it Dame Time in Miami?
@KevinOConnorNBA on everything happening around the draft and with free agency around the corner: theringer.com/nba/2023/6/19/…1:24 PM
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Monday’s show was full of Beal, Dame, Zion, and draft talk!
You can listen on your preferred platform or watch @jshector @coachthorpe and I on YouTube.
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Jake Fischer @JakeLFischer
Portland won’t trade the No. 3 pick unless it nets one of a several premium targets to pair with Damian Lillard, league sources told @YahooSports. The Blazers are preparing a significant offer for Miami’s Bam Adebayo, and other notes from around the NBA: sports.yahoo.com/portland-is-de…11:01 AM

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Damian Lillard: I used to get all into that. “Man, they’re saying I’m not Top 5? I’m Top 2.” At this point, there are so many great point guards in the league. Anybody can be the best on any given night because guys are that good now. I take pride in being the most consistent. I try to have that same impact every night. When I see a guy that’s a top guy, I want to win that matchup. I know if I win that matchup, I’ll give my team a better chance to win. I don’t get caught up in that anymore. If I’m doing me and I’m the best version of myself, I’m going to give my team the best chance to win games. I think when you’re younger, you get more tied into who’s the best and those things. If you did a poll that says who’s the best point guard, a lot of people would probably say Steph Curry, but Jamal Murray just won the championship. He won the championship against Gabe Vincent. So, of course you want to be the best, but when you know you’re at the top as a top-level guard, just be a top-level guard because our ultimate goal is to win. When you get older, you realize it’s really not that important. It’s just an opinion for people to have a conversation. -via Michael Scotto @ HoopsHype / June 21, 2023
How involved are you with Portland’s management in decisions while being loyal to them your whole career? Damian Lillard: I don’t take a stance of power, I guess. If they ask me something, I’ll give them the answer. I’ll tell them what I really think. I’m not in there trying to make a decision or anything like that. I do my job. If something’s presented to me or a question is asked to me, I give an honest answer. I try not to be a part of the player empowerment because we’ve seen enough situations where guys who were at their peak and at the top of their game had that power and influence, and when they weren’t at that level anymore or the back end, people remember that. They’ll remember how you used that power and how you leveraged that power. It could determine how you go out. It can affect you towards the end of your career when you might feel disrespected or dealt with in a way that doesn’t represent the kind of career you had. I think in this era, you’ve got to be careful how you handle that position. I think we’ve seen cases where people have handled it in a way that wasn’t the best for them. Hopefully we learned from that. -via Michael Scotto @ HoopsHype / June 21, 2023

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