Dennis Rodman: Nikola Jokic is better than Larry Bird

Over the years, Larry Bird detractors have argued that he wouldn’t be athletic enough to enjoy the same success in today’s NBA. Nikola Jokic, a 7-foot center, who has his own set of questions about his athleticism is a two-time MVP who led Denver to its first NBA title earlier this month. “He’s slow as hell, but that guy has a game,” Rodman said. “He’s better than Larry Bird … compare him to Larry Bird, I think people would pick him.”
Source: Khari Thompson @ Boston Globe

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Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
Dennis Rodman said Larry Bird would be in Europe if he was playing today…
Wonder if he felt that way when they were going head-to-head 🤨
(via @vladtv) PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Nine years ago today, Nikola Jokic was drafted 41st overall. He already has an all-time resume:
— 20/11/7
— 5x All-Star
— 5x All-NBA
— 2x MVP
— NBA Champion
Greatest draft pick ever, selected during a Taco Bell commercial. AM
Matt Williams @StatsWilliams
After the All-Star Break this past season, Naz Reid recorded 242 points in 312 minutes of playing time (0.78 points per minute).
The only center to average more points per minute after the All-Star Break in 2022-23 was Joel Embiid (min. 50 minutes).
Nikola Jokic was 3rd. – 4:55 PM

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“If Larry Bird played in this era, I think he’d be [playing overseas] in Europe. I’m just letting you know man,” Rodman said during an interview with VladTV. “He’d be somewhere over there. His game was fit for Boston at that time in the 80s and stuff like that, but in today’s world, ‘oh hell no’ there’s no way. I’m not downplaying him because he was a great player at that time, like I was but I’m saying there’s no way.” -via Boston Globe / June 26, 2023
Bobby Marks: The big winners from the cap and tax increasing Super max contracts Nikola Jokic: $272M to $276M Joel Embiid: $210M to $213M Rookie extensions Zion, Ja and Darius Garland: $194M to $197M Tax teams A team like Golden St. saved $20M -via Twitter @BobbyMarks42 / June 21, 2023
Bogdan Bogdanovic joked that he hopes Serbian national team coach Svetislav Pesic will invite him for the upcoming FIBA World Cup, and opened up about a posibillity of playing with Nikola Jokic: “That sounds nice. I hope it happens. He makes everything better; it’s foolish to even talk about it. He is a basketball player who controls the game incredibly well, and he does it effortlessly. He teaches you things that only he sees. Not everyone has that power to control the game like him. He would make everything 100 percent easier for you,” Bogdanovic said. -via / June 19, 2023
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