Draymond Green on Chris Paul: I’ve said I didn’t like him before, that’s not gonna change because he’s my teammate

Draymond Green: And so with Chris Paul, everyone is like, ‘Oh man, how are they supposed to be teammates now?’ No. 1, I’ve never been in a situation to even build a relationship with him. I’m an adult, Chris is an adult, we can talk amongst men. And that I’m looking forward to. There’s no sugarcoating what has happened all these years, this is real life, people get it twisted like [thinking we’re in character], no, this is real life we’re living when we’re playing in these games. To just go front and act like all those things were fake… I’ve publicly said I didn’t like Chris before, I’m not just gonna be like that changed now because he’s my teammate. No. I look forward to talking amongst men. I look forward to working with another adult. I’ve had my fair share of days where I’m not working with adults and people who don’t move like adults so I’m looking forward to going to work with an adult. Chris is a pro. I’m looking forward to going to work with a pro.
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Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
The Draymond Green-Jordan Poole saga continues. warriorswire.usatoday.com/2023/07/19/dra…1:00 PM
Draymond opened up about his relationship with Chris Paul: pic.twitter.com/XeDLBfxQ1U11:34 AM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Draymond Green’s latest comments on last seasons incident with Jordan Poole sparked a reaction from the 24-year-old guard’s dad. warriorswire.usatoday.com/2023/07/19/jor…5:05 AM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
“I don’t just hit people. Dialogue happens over time and you usually ain’t triggered by something that fast.”
Draymond on the incident with Jordan Poole 👀
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pic.twitter.com/ZaWQgeJMcP11:40 PM
Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
New Orange and Blue Bloods is live
@EJ_Stewart and I discuss:
* Embiid
* Fournier
* Vegas
* Dray and Trae
podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ora…4:09 PM
Justin Kubatko @jkubatko
Players with the most dual All-NBA/All-Defensive selections:
15 — Tim Duncan
12 — Kobe Bryant
10 — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
9 — Michael Jordan
9 — Gary Payton
8 — John Havlicek
8 — Hakeem Olajuwon
8 — David Robinson
8 — Kevin Garnett
8 — Chris Paul
More here: open.substack.com/pub/statitudes… pic.twitter.com/BVm2TU3ja31:01 PM
Kane Pitman @KanePitman
Some fun on SC this morning.
Steph Curry playing golf
🎳 CP3 10-pin bowling
🏈 LeBron James playing football
Michael Jordan playing baseball
Which NBA superstar playing another sport is more impressive? pic.twitter.com/1CWY7iiM0W10:07 PM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Joe Lacob shed some light on the Golden State Warriors decision to trade Jordan Poole for Chris Paul. warriorswire.usatoday.com/2023/07/15/joe…7:00 AM
Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton last two left from #Suns 2021 finals team.
Where are some of the others?
GSW: Chris Paul, Dario Saric
BKN: Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson
MIL: Jae Crowder
CHI: Jevon Carter, Torrey Craig
CLE: Damian Jones
SAS: Cameron Payne
IND: Jalen Smith
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Draymond Green on Chris Paul: Me and Chris have had our differences over the course of my 11 years playing in this league, since Year 1. Chris is the way he is, I am the way I am. He’s not changing who he is at this point, I’m not changing who I am at this point. It’s very important for people to understand the same sentiments I’ve had about Chris, they don’t just leave and the same sentiments he had about me, they don’t just leave. That’s where people get things so f***** up. All of a sudden you have to fake things… nah. What I’ve always respected about Chris is his tenacity, his will to win, he’s competitive and now I have an opportunity to be on the same side of it. -via YouTube / July 19, 2023
Draymond Green: Steve Kerr was like, Chris is a m*********** to play against, I was like, I agree, there’s a reason we all hated him. When you’re playing against him, he’s gonna do whatever he’s gotta do to beat you. And for that reason, we all hate him. We’ve been in battles against this dude to get to the f****** chip. And Steve was like, Draymond, it’s the very reason everyone hates you when they play against you, because you’re willing to do whatever you have to do to win. And 98 percent of people aren’t like that. -via YouTube / July 19, 2023
There’s also no question that Draymond Green punching Poole in the preseason had a psychological impact on the team last season. “We had to change something,” Lacob said. “While it’s a short-term move, Chris Paul is a fabulous Hall of Famer who will I think certainly help our second unit, help our first unit if he plays there, wherever he plays, he’s a tremendous guy.” Is that a hint from the team owner that Paul could be coming off the bench for the first time in his 18-year NBA career? Not quite. “That’s up to the coaches,” Lacob said. “I’m sure they’re talking about it, but who knows? He might start, he might not. … The point is to get a lot of talent out there and to see [what happens]. Who starts doesn’t really matter anyway, it’s who finishes the game.” -via San Jose Mercury-News / July 15, 2023
NBACentral: Jordan Poole’s father on Draymond Green 😳 (h/t @warriorsworld ) -via Twitter @TheNBACentral / July 19, 2023

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