Dwight Howard thinks he’s a Top 10 center all-time

A lot of people have now said the Jokic is a top five center of all time. Where do you see yourself ranking among the greats at the position? All-time centers, I’m top 10. Top 10 all-time. I know everybody what they’re going to say with Shaq, Hakeem, Wilt, Kareem, and then you got Moses Malone.
Source: Zion Olojede @ complex.com

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Most games with 15+ PTS and 100 FG% (last 40 seasons):
20 — Rudy Gobert
17 — DeAndre Jordan
13 — Dwight Howard
11 — Tyson Chandler
9 — Dwight Powell pic.twitter.com/M9BvAYh3DX3:01 PM
Dwight Howard @DwightHoward
Opposites attract 💯 the more love and positivity you show the more hate you’ll get – 11:31 AM
Dwight Howard @DwightHoward
I’m on threads 👀 COME ON! – 11:30 AM

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To the point of NBA teams not being interested, do you feel like you were pushed out in a way unfairly or blackballed? I could say that I have and then it could be people that say that well, I did some things that could have put me in this position. So, it could have been a little bit of both. I’ll just say I’ve surpassed anybody’s expectations or whatever they thought would be about Dwight Howard playing in the NBA expectations as a basketball player. Careers don’t last but four years, three to four years in the NBA. I’ve surpassed that playing 19 seasons and still playing. So, it’s always two ways you can look at life. -via complex.com / July 7, 2023
Dwight is putting himself amongst the greats and rightfully so but while people were quick to crown Nikola Jokic as a top center to ever play the game, Dwight made his case on why his prime is still better than the Jokic’s prime. “Obviously, people going to say Jokic can score. He got all those offensive skills,” Howard says. “But at the same time, I was getting 38 and 20, 45-18, 19, 20, and I’m doing all this with twos. No threes, all twos. I’m doing this with lobs. I’m not getting a lot of post-up attempts like Jokic. He’s getting way more opportunities.” -via complex.com / July 7, 2023
I know I can provide a team with 25 minutes of dominant basketball. And that’s not even scoring, that’s just playing defense, locking people up, protecting the paint, rebounding, and finishing around the basket. I’ve had my fun in the game. I just want to go out like a champ like I’m supposed to. -via complex.com / July 7, 2023

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