Gabe Vincent on Heat beating Celtics in ECF: It almost seemed to me they had something going on over there

In an interview on the Old Man and The Three podcast, ex-Heat guard Gabe Vincent spoke about Miami’s win over the Celtics back in the East Finals and highlighted some revealing issues that may have held Boston back in the matchup. “I think first off, Boston is a hell of a team and was a hell of a team these last two years,” Vincent said. “Tatum and Brown raise a lot of havoc for the defense. “It almost seemed like to me, truthfully, they had something going on over there. Despite our gameplan, so much has to go right to win in this league and if you aren’t fully right internally, it shows in different ways.”
Source: Brian Robb @ Booth Newspapers

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Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
New: Gabe Vincent made some eye-opening comments about what led to an ugly Celtics exit against Heat in East Finals on the @OldManAndThree podcast: “They had something going wrong over there (internally)…”…4:30 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
Gabe Vincent explains his decision to leave the Heat in free agency: “It was very difficult”… “It will forever have a special place in my heart and I hope that they know that. It’s been expressed.” – 2:49 PM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
NEW: Gabe Vincent explains his decision to leave the Heat in free agency: “It was very difficult”… “It will forever have a special place in my heart and I hope that they know that. It’s been expressed.” – 11:28 AM
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Interesting stuff from Gabe Vincent on the latest episode of @OldManAndThree
Talks about his first practice with the Heat and them drilling transition defense the whole day after having issues the night prior:
“A 45 minute practice turned into a good 2, 2 and a half.” AM
Khobi Price @khobi_price
“I’m just here to add on. They have a great core, a great situation…hopefully I can just add to it and help us bring home a championship.”
Latest for @InsideSoCalSpts on Gabe Vincent returning West, joining Lakers with hopes of competing for NBA title:…6:52 PM
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Gabe Vincent has a ‘legitimate chance’ to start at point guard over D’Angelo Russell, per @jovanbuha.
Should the Lakers start Vincent over DLO? 🤔 PM
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Breaking: The Grizzlies are hiring Miami Heat assistant and director of player development Anthony Carter, according the league sources.
Carter, a former player, is credited for driving the development of Max Strus and Gabe Vincent.…2:54 PM

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“I obviously don’t know if they were or weren’t right internally but that was my feel I had,” Vincent. “There were moments of attack, you get the right matchup and you attack. Jimmy leading the way with his paint touches and Bam being aggressive and keeping them out of transition. That was a huge one for us. If we can get you into the half court, we have a chance. “I think last year, they were better defensively when we lost to them in the East Finals. This past year, something didn’t seem as right whether it was their rotations or connectivity, whatever the case may be. I think any bit of weakness we saw, we jumped on it.” -via Booth Newspapers / July 14, 2023
The Heat’s final offer to Vincent was a four-year deal worth about $34 million ($8.5 million per season), according to a league source. Vincent ended up taking the Lakers’ three-year offer worth $33 million ($11 million per season). The fact Florida has no state income tax helped close the gap between the two offers, but it wasn’t enough to keep Vincent in Miami. And with the Heat entering free agency already deep into the luxury tax, even just adding $2 million to Vincent’s salary for this upcoming season would have added more than $5 million to the team’s tax bill based on Miami’s current salary cap situation. “It was very difficult,” Vincent said of leaving the Heat during his appearance on “The Old Man and the Three” podcast. “The relationships that I have with those guys are, to me, lifelong. Even the guys that I played with, to the staff, to the front office. I got to know all of them very well and closely. So it wasn’t an easy decision. It was a huge draw to come back, for sure. But it had to make sense for me and my family. I couldn’t just make a decision. -via Miami Herald / July 14, 2023
Gabe Vincent: “But this is no love lost. I got nothing but love for those guys over there. The continuity piece was playing a major role and obviously the taxes play a major role. You think they’ll get close enough and let’s try to make it work. But it’s business for them. And it was kind of tough because they could have done it, but it would have been a big salary cap tax. I understand that from the business side. If I could understand that, I know they understand it well. Maybe things will align down the road. Until then, you got to try to get the Lake Show a ring.” -via Miami Herald / July 14, 2023

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