Gilbert Arenas on World Cup’s Team USA roster: A sorry-a** group

Retired NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas didn’t mince any words when talking about the roster of Team USA for the 2023 FIBA World Cup. “You see that list he [Steve Kerr] got? A sorry-ass group,” Arenas, a three-time NBA All-Star guard, said “Listen: I’m happy for the people who make it. It’s cool. It’s cool for some of the guys who got there that I don’t know. Some of them probably don’t even start on their team.”

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Gilbert Arenas calls Team USA’s World Cup roster a “sorry-ass group”
“Some of them probably don’t even start on their teams”…12:56 PM
Gilbert Arenas speaks on his father as he enters a new phase in his life — fighting for his kids like his father fought for him
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Chris Palmer @ChrisPalmerNBA
My deep dive for ESPN’s Andscape. About fatherhood. Second chances. It is the story of a son who will exceed the father. In every way. Although he doesn’t know it yet.
This is the Second Act of Gilbert Arenas.
The story begins on a very dark night…..…6:19 PM

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“Because it’s embarrassing sometimes when you have star players who are really stars that do want to participate,” Arenas added. Before his comments on Team USA, Trae Young, who was the guest on the show, had mentioned how he wants to play in the 2024 Olympic Games. “And you just automatically say ‘He’s not going to fit our style.’ How the F do you know that he’s not going to fit your style if you don’t give him a chance? There’s a reason there’s a trial. Invite us all and let us show you that we can adapt.” -via / August 6, 2023
Alijah Arenas stands on the rooftop of the pool house. Below, Gilbert has just activated the pool’s waterfall with an app. Alijah disappears momentarily out of view, then dashes off the roof hovering in mid-air — two dozen feet above the world — for what seems like an eternity. He hits the glimmering aquamarine water with a thunderous boom before ascending back to the surface floating on his back. Although he doesn’t know it yet. Alijah was just ranked No. 5. in the 2026 class by ESPN – second best in the state of California, the best shooting guard in the nation in his class. -via Andscape / August 6, 2023
“His time will come,” says Etop Udo-Ema, the CEO and founder of national power grassroots program Compton Magic. “This kid is so special for someone his age. Actually, his time is now.” A day later we’re back at home on the sectional in the living room. “He’s more skilled than I was at the same age, taller of course,” says Arenas. “I was faster and more self-motivated but I’ve never met as many people who have ever been as motivated as me.” Up until now Alijah has had the choice to do as much or as little as he wants as it relates to his basketball training and development. Arenas has but one simple rule: “I’m not waking you up.” -via Andscape / August 6, 2023

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