Grizzlies were strongly interested in signing Draymond Green

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Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
If Draymond Green ends up back in Golden State next season, he might have some fences to mend with Chris Paul 😬
(via SHOWTIMEBasketball / YT) AM
Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“Steph…with 3 years left on his deal, almost forces you to put talent around him”
When @BobbyMarks42 joined @TheFrankIsola & @Scalabrine, he gave his thoughts on what direction the Warriors should head with Draymond Green and Klay Thompson #DubNation PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
Updated title odds, where do #sixers stack up
post draft rumor round up on
Brook Lopez to Houston?
Harden looking to stay put?
Could the Kings try to max and lure Draymond Green? How would Sabonis feel?
+ is Dame to #HEATCulture inevitable?…11:01 AM
Jason Anderson @JandersonSacBee
Are Sacramento Kings about to use newfound cap space to pursue Golden State Warriors free agent Draymond Green?…6:59 PM
Matt George @MattGeorgeSAC
I think it’s more probably that the Kings sign Kyle Kuzma, but Sacramento making a big money play for Draymond Green is a very real possibility. – 5:46 PM
Evan Sidery @esidery
“The Kings can now go hunting for Draymond Green, if they wish.” – @WindhorstESPN
Windhorst mentioned Mike Brown and Draymond Green are very close. Sacramento could also “blow Golden State out of the water” for a potential Green contract.
The Kings project to have $35+ million… PM
Matt Steinmetz @SteinmetzNBA
It may be setting up for Klay Thompson to have to play out final year of contract while Curry and Draymond Green will be locked in through 2025-26. – 12:36 PM
Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
Last year, there were 210 players who were the closest defender on at least 200 shots in the paint. Only JJJ, AD, Draymond, Claxton, and Royce O’Neale held opponents to a lower FG% than KP’s 42 percent:…11:42 AM
Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
On plays when the screen directly led to a shot or a pass that led to a shot, Porzingis finished second in points per play. Fourth was Draymond Green, fifth was Jokic, and sixth was Joel Embiid:…11:39 AM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
L Frank on point guards: “Who is the point guard of the Nuggets? It’s probably Joker.”
Also mentions how Draymond Green and Bam are primary initiators of offense. If it’s a “traditional point guard, so be it…” – 1:33 AM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Warriors roster as of now, with the assumption Draymond Green returns
Podziemski – 12:05 AM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
The biggest question mark with Brandin Podziemski is defense.
Here’s his answer to that: “I get to play against Draymond Green, All-Defensive player, Gary Payton, All-Defensive player. The room for improvement is right there and it’s right in front of me.” – 11:25 PM
Madeline Kenney @madkenney
Podziemski tells reporters at the NBA Draft that he thinks he can be “a triple-double guy.” Describes himself as a tough competitor.
He knows there’s room to improve on defense but is looking forward to learning from Draymond Green and Gary Payton II. – 11:08 PM
Tom Ziller @teamziller
Draymond Green is still an amazing defender and playmaker. He’s a bad fit with Sabonis unless Sabonis starts confidently shooting from distance at volume.
Defense-first combo forward is the best play, but either he needs to be a shooter or Sabonis has to be a shooter. – 10:54 PM
Jason Jones @mr_jasonjones
What if the Kings use that cap space on … Draymond Green? – 10:53 PM
Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA
Mavericks dumping Davis Bertans gives them a lot more cap flexibility to pursue a free agent…Draymond Green? – 9:12 PM
Mike Lynch @SportInfo247
“Like Draymond without the assists” is quite a formulation! – 8:57 PM
Jordan Poole appears to have unfollowed Draymond Green on IG right after his trade to the Wizards 👀
(h/t @GoIdenState) PM
Peter Vecsey @PeterVecsey1
Who are we gonna believe, Mike Dunleavy Jr. or our lyin’ ears? At his first press conference as Warriors GM, did we not hear him glowingly talk about Jordan Poole’s future with the team. Days later, Draymond Green’s punching bag is traded to Wiz for Chris Paul. – 4:23 PM
Austin Burton @AmaarBurton
NBA referees facing the prospect of Chris Paul and Draymond Green on the same team: PM
Carl Steward @stewardsfolly
You also have to wonder: Did Draymond Green deliver an ultimatum regarding Poole, such as “If he’s staying, I’m definitely gone.” – 3:45 PM
Dan Favale @danfavale
draymond taking poole to the airport PM
Alvaro Martin @AlvaroNBAMartin
Dice Shams que @WashWizards envía a Chris Paul a @Warriors por Jordan Poole, la 1a selección de 2030 y la 2a selección de 2027.
Golden State reduce levemente su nómina, empeñando parte de su futuro.
Una nube para Draymond Green se despeja. Coladera defensiva para GSW. PM
Vivek Jacob @vivekmjacob
Draymond Green and Chris Paul at practice every day PM
Mark Deeks @MarkDeeksNBA
Didn’t have “the Warriors trading for Chris Paul to improve chemistry” on my list of possible side effects of the Draymond/Poole punch but here we are. – 3:26 PM
Doug Smith @SmithRaps
Can’t imagine the Warriors let Draymond walk so that there is no winner in that ugliness but … – 3:24 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Gotta imagine Chris Paul is coming off the bench and if that’s the case get that Sixth Man of the Year trophy ready already.
Those pick-and-rolls with Draymond are about to be masterful. – 3:24 PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Draymond punched that man and all JP got was the honorary “won a ‘ship and extension in California” spot in DC that Kuz vacates – 3:20 PM

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“We have to maintain that type of variety in our game somehow. We lost some of that this year. So hopefully we can regain some of that next year. … When we had to have a bucket, we’ve leaned on the high pick-and-roll, Steph/Draymond. It’s our best play. That’s our 98-mph fastball. But if you throw that down the middle enough, somebody’s hitting it into McCovey Cove. And that’s what happened against the Lakers, we just didn’t have the variety. We didn’t have the changeup, as Steph said.” -via The Athletic / June 24, 2023
The veteran forward took to Instagram on Friday to boost comments made by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith regarding Green’s value. Smith argued that Green was “easily worth another $100 million,” a sentiment that Green shared on his social media. -via Larry Brown Sports / June 23, 2023

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