Idea of Donovan Mitchell to Knicks down the line ‘not far-fetched’?

It’s so far down the road that it’s impossible to know anything concrete about the situation. But based on what happened last summer, I don’t think the idea is far-fetched. Donovan Mitchell will be eligible for a contract extension with Cleveland, but I’d be surprised if he signed it; it makes more sense financially to forego the extension. Once a player like Mitchell gets near the end of his contract, anything is possible. But I wonder if the Knicks will wait another season to make their big trade. Can they afford to wait on the small possibility of landing a player in Mitchell’s situation? It’s risky. If you are a Knicks fan and you want Mitchell, I think the key here is how Cleveland plays in the next two seasons. If they compete for Finals trips, it’s logical to assume Mitchell is much more likely to stay in Cleveland.
Source: SportsNet New York

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Sean Deveney @SeanDeveney
Execs and others around the league feel that the @cavs are primed to push to make sure Donovan Mitchell stays when he becomes a free agent in 2025:
“There is a lot of cost that’s been sunk into him”
More at @HeavyOnSports…11:08 AM
Donovan Mitchell @spidadmitchell
Can someone please explain why the subway series is blacked out?? And how can I watch it 🤷🏾‍😭 – 7:17 PM
Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade @PDcavsinsider
Donovan Mitchell is sending his love to Bronny and the James family.… #Cavs1:02 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
#Cavs star Donovan Mitchell expresses support for Bronny James after cardiac arrest…12:37 PM

More on this storyline

“I don’t think there’s any chance he signs an extension there ever, and if it was up to me I would trade Donovan Mitchell today,” Bontemps said on “The Hoop Collective Podcast.” “I don’t think the Cavs are getting as far as they hope to next year, and I don’t think he’s gonna extend, and I think they’ll get a lot more for him with two summers left than they will with one summer left.” -via New York Post / July 25, 2023
“Now I also am fully aware that’s not what they’re gonna do and I understand why they’re not gonna do it … but me personally I think it’s more likely they are going to lose in the first round than they win two rounds, and in that scenario, I don’t really see any world where Donovan Mitchell wants to stay there after next season.” -via New York Post / July 25, 2023

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