James Harden: ‘I just work hard, play basketball, and let everybody else talk’

James Harden recently gave an exclusive interview to Sports Seriously of USA Today Sports discussing his career, personality and future.

In his conversation with Mackenzie Salmon, Harden also talked about the ‘bad guys’ and ‘good guys’ of the NBA, flopping, plus Lionel Messi‘s effect on the world of sports in the United States.

James Harden: “I just work hard, play basketball and let everybody else talk. So I don’t consider myself a good guy. I don’t consider myself a bad guy. I just do my job and stay out of the way and that’s kind of been my mindset my entire career.”

Well, there you go. pic.twitter.com/rwZKYcaLkk

— HoopsHype (@hoopshype) July 26, 2023

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