Josh Jackson accused of sexual assault

John Lauro, the attorney helming the sprawling criminal defense of former President Donald Trump, has recently taken up a civil rape lawsuit against basketball player Josh Jackson, the No. 4 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. In a civil case filed last month in U.S. District Court, a woman accused Jackson of sexually assaulting her after they met at a 2022 Super Bowl party in New York. There have been no criminal charges stemming from the alleged incident.
Source: Daniel Libit @ Sportico

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Jackson’s accuser, whose identity is concealed in court filings, claims that she initially went to the party because she was romantically interested in NBA player Andre Drummond, who co-hosted the party and who is not implicated in the woman’s allegations. Instead, she ended up leaving with Jackson and then later agreed to meet up with him at his hotel in the early morning hours, believing that Drummond was with him. -via Sportico / August 4, 2023
The woman claims she was very intoxicated upon arriving at Jackson’s room at the New York Edition Hotel, at which point, the lawsuit says, he propositioned her for sex, offering her $1,500 while boasting that he had another $12 million in his bank account. The plaintiff says she rebuffed his request before laying down on the bed in the room and falling asleep. At some point later, the plaintiff alleges, she was awakened by Jackson attempting to forcibly have sex with her and tried to fight him off. The lawsuit says she left the hotel room, purchased an emergency contraceptive from a pharmacy, and took a train home where she showered. -via Sportico / August 4, 2023

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