Shaquille O’Neal’s all-time starting five: ‘Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and me’

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Alex Raskin @RaskinDailyMail
LeBron James and his family are ’50/50′ on #Bronny starting classes at #USC later this month as the 18-year-old recovers from his cardiac arrest… and any basketball decision is a ‘conversation for the future’ via @MailSport – 8:09 AM
StatMuse @statmuse
Most PPG by a player in their 21st season:
7.4 — Vince Carter
7.3 — Dirk Nowitzki
3.7 — Robert Parish
3.2 — Kevin Garnett
How many will LeBron average in year 21? PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Most 2000/500/500 seasons:
8 — LeBron James
6 — Oscar Robertson
3 — James Harden
3 — Larry Bird
Nobody else has done it more than twice. PM
Ranking all 14 NBA offseasons since LeBron James’ Decision kicked off era of star player movement
(By @SamQuinnCBS)…10:51 AM
Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria
Class of 26 ⁦@ProlificPrep⁩ star ⁦@ADybantsa⁩ had a 6 am workout today with Chris Paul
Last week he worked out with KD and LeBron AM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
“He’s got my number.”
Charles Barkley spoke on his falling out with Michael Jordan and if the two will ever repair their friendship.
(via @60Minutes) AM
Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
Zach LaVine > Michael Jordan.
(In Bulls salaries).…9:48 AM
BasketNews @BasketNews_com
LeBron James after finding out the salaries of footballers in Saudi Arabia 😂 PM
Jeff Wade @SkinWade
I’ll take prime Shaq, Bird, Dirk, LeBron, Steph, Duncan, Kobe and three Hornets of your choice and smoke Dr J’s team’s ass – 12:20 PM
James Edwards III @JLEdwardsIII
Anyone who follow me a card collector? This LeBron rookie worth holding onto down the road or too basic? Haven’t gotten it graded but I can’t see how it’s less than an 8. AM
Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
Phil Handy at @SportalgrG on the meaning of a potential winning championship for LeBron’s legacy: “In year 21 for him to be able to compete for another championship that’s never been done before! He’s ultra competitive guy. His mindset is to compete for a championship”. #LakeShow AM
Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
Phil Handy at @SportalgrG on how easy is to coach LeBron James: “He’s by far one of the easiest guys I’ve ever coached because he’s a great professional, he’s always organized and prepared but the thing that I love about Bron is that he really likes to be coached”. #LakeShow AM
Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
1-on-1 with the great Phil Handy!
He talked about his path, Los Angeles Lakers’ championship chances, LeBron James and his striving for greatness and more.
“Year 21 is coming up. Incredible to see what LeBron does.”
Exclusive on @SportalgrG. #Lakeshow…8:43 AM
Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria
Class of 26 star @ADybantsa
is playing in the Drew League today at 4:30 pm ET
His game will be televised on NBA-TV
Dybantsa worked out this week with KD and LeBron
More on @NYTSports… AM
Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
LeBron James: RedBird is the right owner to bring Milan back to its glory days…3:22 AM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Need help: Which team is most likely to win the title next season?
Team 1…
Paul George
Team 2…
Team 3…
Anthony Davis
Team 4…
Zion – 8:21 PM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
Bronny James is back home and THRIVING
(via @kingjames / IG) AM

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Grant Hill: ‘There is the expectation to win. It’s really, I think people care more about us losing than us winning. And what I mean by that is we’re supposed to win. There’s maybe in a way a lack of appreciation for the international game here in the US. And what I mean by that is that it’s hard, like it’s not easy. You think back to some of those legendary teams, the Redeem Team in 2008. You think back to the 2012 big team with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, all the talent on those teams, and you get on those medal games, it’s a two-point game with 90 seconds left, you know? It’s not the original Dream Team where you steamrolled the competition. The rest of the world has improved, and the talent level has increased. And it’s a game that they are more familiar with the game, is officiated differently, and the rules are different. I’m not making excuses, but really just trying to illustrate that this is not easy. And so we’re grateful for the commitment from the 12 men who will be on this team.” -via Apple Podcasts / July 30, 2023
When asked about Stephen Curry’s infamous “Baby Faced Asssasin” nickname, it triggered a flood of memories that led him to reflect on one of the biggest players to recognize that moniker, none other than Kobe Bryant. “That is one of my favorite memories and compliments I’ve ever gotten in my life,” said Curry. “I come down the court and do this little pump fake situation, hit a leaner off the glass. As I’m running down the court, the camera locks in on him for some reason. He points or leans to the guy next to him on his team and mouths, ‘Yo, man, he’s nice.’” -via / July 29, 2023
Another noteworthy encounter with Bryant came during a preseason game in the first quater. “I turn around and he’s like this [emulating Kobe’s facial expressions], standing there doing defensive slides and staying in front of me. Like, ‘What is happening right now? This is freaking Kobe Bryant,’ said Curry. After a few slides, Curry confessed he was getting tired and lost his balance after getting bumped by Bryant. “After I fell, I got no option, I’m like ‘I’m gonna just shoot it and live with it.’ I shot it from probably 30 feet and I made it. Then I acted like nothing happened, it was the biggest ‘keep your cool’ moment in your life because it’s freaking Kobe and you’re trying to be super chill about it.” -via / July 29, 2023
Still, McGrady — who entered the league straight out of high school in 1997 — didn’t back down from his comments. He merely clarifies that he believes he was on the level of a player like Kobe in talent rather than success. “Regardless of what and how anyone else feels,” McGrady says, “when you talk about the talent, its undoubtedly that my talent level was definitely up with the great players that have played this game. I didn’t play with Shaq. I didn’t play with no LeBrons. Yao [Ming] was my best teammate and we couldn’t stay healthy.” -via Clutch Points / July 31, 2023
eric sondheimer: The word is that Bryce James has made inquires about transferring to Sherman Oaks Notre Dame. He’d join another high-profiled player, Mercy Miller. Nothing has been finalized. He was supposed to attend Campbell Hall. We’ll see. -via Twitter / July 29, 2023
Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were best friends until Barkley criticized Jordan’s management of his NBA team. The friendship ended, and they haven’t spoken in years. “He’s got my number,” said Barkley, who refuses to be the first to apologize. -via Twitter / July 31, 2023
Born three days apart, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan were once the best of friends, but as Jordan struggled as owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Barkley minced no words. Charles Barkley: And what I said, I think that he don’t have enough people around him that are gonna tell him, ‘No.’ And he got really offended, and we haven’t spoken. But, Jon, I really, I’m gonna do my job. Because, I have zero credibility if I criticize other people in the same boat and not criticize my best friend. -via CBS News / July 30, 2023
In an interview with Joy DeAngela, Julius Erving named the top 10 players he thinks are the best in basketball history. “I have five guys who are untouchable – Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, and Elgin Baylor.,” he began. “That’s my all-time best team. Everybody else has to be on the second team or the third team, and I made this decision when I was 15 years old. I’m sticking with it now all these years later.” -via BasketNews / July 30, 2023

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