Austin Reaves on Russell Westbrook: ‘He’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had’

Austin Reaves on Russell Westbrook: “Yeah, he’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had as a person, you know, you can’t get much better. I got COVID in December of my rookie year in Minnesota, and I was stuck there for like seven days. It was rough, but, you know, he reached out like three or four times, asked me if I needed anything, offered to send me stuff, whatever I needed. So as a person, you know, you couldn’t get better.” “And same as a teammate, he was always empowering everybody to really be better and do better. And one more thing, like you said, he gets a bad rap, and I don’t really understand why.”
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For the sickos who like to watch, Friday’s @LockedOnLakers pod, on YouTube! Austin Reaves appears on “All The Smoke,” plus we get a scouting report on Taurean Prince from @bbeecken (@lockedontwolves). @LockedOnNetwork @LockedOnNBAPods…5:41 PM
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Most free throws + 3-pointers made in a single season:
1,132 — James Harden
1,008 — James Harden
991 — James Harden
956 — James Harden
923 — James Harden
910 — Russell Westbrook
895 — Kevin Durant
889 — James Harden
884 — Kevin Durant
Imagine if they all teamed up. PM
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Austin Reaves sent a special birthday message to Kobe Bryant’s nephew that moved him to tears 🥹💜
(via @shobasketball) PM
Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Odds for NBA’s Most Improved Player have been shaken up a bit, w/ Jordan Poole (+700) now the fav & Lakers guard Austin Reaves sliding down (which is great for those that want to bet on him) a few notches to +1400 ($100 to win $1400) via @betonline_ag. PM
Matt Steinmetz @SteinmetzNBA
If rebounding is defense — and I don’t think it is (that doesn’t matter) — then why doesn’t anyone consider Westbrook a good defender? – 1:17 AM
Alvaro Martin @AlvaroNBAMartin
No vacation for Tim Hardaway, Jr., Harrison Barnes, Russell Westbrook and Brandon Ingram as they visit Puerto Rico for a Jordan Brands meet-and-greet.
They practiced at the @BSNPR Osos’ (Bears) facility in Manatí, PR, not far from Dorado, where they are staying. PM

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But they stood still in February when much of their competition didn’t, ripped off a win streak after the All-Star break and secured the third seed. Internally, they feel strong about their performance in that first-round, seven-game defeat against the Warriors. “At the time, (the league) had (Kevin Durant) going to Phoenix, (Russell) Westbrook going to the Clippers, Kyrie (Irving to Dallas) and all this stuff. We kind of stood pat…” McNair said. “We didn’t do anything major, and we were kind of relying on the continuity of what we’d built and our chemistry. We certainly got lucky. We had some injuries on other teams that helped us out coming out of the break. But I do think you see (that) trying to assimilate new players and new coaches and things like that on the fly can work, but it also carries risk.” -via The Athletic / July 19, 2023
A source close to James Harden, given anonymity so they could speak freely, told The Athletic that Harden began showing interest in joining the Clippers as early as late June, prior to the decision to opt into the final year of his contract to facilitate a trade, and incumbent Clippers point guard Russell Westbrook was aware of Harden’s interest prior to re-signing. -via The Athletic / July 18, 2023
Bridges had to eventually see what the NBA was about and he experienced that, as he says, against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Bridges and the Suns faced the Thunder during his rookie season for the first time on Oct. 28 and while Phoenix lost 117-110, the native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was a team-leading +16. Bridges explained why this game was his “welcome to the NBA” moment in a recent interview with the “Run Your Race” podcast: “My welcome to the NBA (moment) was when Russ (Russell Westbrook) and Paul George, and (expletive) Steven Adams, man. Playing them, I’m just like, I gotta guard Russ. (He’s) gonna go at me, full speed. He’s gonna try to dunk me. He’s gonna bully me. Then, you got Paul George. He’s gonna try to mix me and try to make me fall. Then, you got Steven Adams. When I don’t guard him (Westbrook) one on one, I gotta get in a ball screen. Let him (Adams) set every screen. That was one game where I like walked in the locker room and was like, my body hurts. I’m just like, I just played an NBA game for real. That was like 10 games in. That’s my moment.” -via Nets Wire / July 18, 2023
“We heard a rumor, and we don’t like to start troubles here, but we heard something about Taylor Swift meeting you somewhere,” Matt Barnes asked at the 37:07 mark of the above video. Reaves and Stephen Jackson both got some jokes off about it, while Reaves seemed to find the whole thing very funny, presumably because the whole thing is very funny. But when he finally got the chance to give his side of … whatever we wanna call this, Reaves admitted that none of it is true. “I have never met her, never talked to her … all bullsh*t, I ain’t never talked to her,” Austin Reaves said. When Jackson asked if he would be interested in dating Swift, Reaves said his plan is to “stay out the media.” This might be difficult for him to do, as he just signed a 4-year, $54 million deal to remain with the Lakers, but who knows? -via Uproxx / July 21, 2023
Clutch Points: “It’s honestly hell… You literally can’t ever relax. I remember Game 1 and 2, chasing him and Klay around, and I couldn’t make a shot… I’m like ‘I ain’t got no legs!’” Austin Reaves describes guarding Steph Curry in the Playoffs🥵 (via @shobasketball) -via Twitter @ClutchPointsApp / July 20, 2023

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