Baron Davis: ‘The Linsanity wave just ate Carmelo Anthony up’

I was gonna say, with the Melo-Jeremy Lin thing, I remember the national narrative was like, you know, “How’s Melo gonna play with Jeremy Lin when he comes back from being healthy?” Was there ever any sort of tension in the locker room with that whole situation? Baron Davis: It was some weird **** going on because obviously, we were riding a wave, a super wave. And the Linsanity wave just ate Melo up. Remember, he was injured when Jeremy Lin went on that run. Yeah, because we went like five, six in a row. Melo comes back, but Jeremy Lin is the biggest star in the world. He literally went from like nobody to the face of the NBA. And you gotta remember, also, I feel like we were just transitioning out of the whole lockout. Remember the lockout squeeze? So, we’re about a year and a half, or maybe two and a half years in. So, the league still needed a thing to happen. Man, when that thing happened, it was like Melo came back and Jeremy Lin was so big. He was bigger than Melo, media-wise. Yeah, and so it did create a little like, “This **** is not real.” Like, we can’t live in this, is it sustainable or not? Yeah, bro, we can’t live in this. But, like, we should be living in it. But I think it started to create tension in the way we play. I feel like because it’s still Melo’s team, Melo is still the dog, you know what I mean?
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Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
Bilal Coulibaly served a few reminders of how young he is (18).
– He first got into basketball because his father’s favorite player was Carmelo
– His first memory as an NBA fan was LeBron winning a title with the Heat
– He only knows Gilbert Arenas (the last No. 0) from 2K – 1:32 PM

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That last Knicks team you played on, were you on the team when the “Linsanity” [ __ ] happened? Interviewer: Absolutely. What was that like? It must have been crazy. Baron Davis: It was the craziest **** ever, dude. Because it was kind of chaotic. I mean, my locker was next to Jeremy Lin’s. So it was cracking after those games. Not cracking, actually. It was like my locker is here, Jeremy Lin’s locker is there, and there were 150 media in the locker. That’s what I mean, not cracking. You have to leave, you have to say, “Hey man, hold on. Let me get my ****. Let me go change in the regular bathroom or the bathroom stall.” Hey dude, Jeremy Lin had the whole team changing in the shower, wherever we could. You couldn’t be in that locker room. They had to move him from the locker room, and every interview he had was a press conference. Crazy! -via YouTube / June 26, 2023
It was the light blue jerseys in the early 2000s that made him fall in love with this team, along with former forward Carmelo Anthony dominating moves on the court. “I started watching them since Carmelo and even though he left to New York, I am still into this team and now we got Jokic!” Huang said. Now, a “Joker” fan, he’s confident this team can make it happen this year. -via / June 3, 2023
The basketball romantic in me was hoping that a Year 20 opportunity would materialize somewhere — anywhere — for Melo. League sources say Anthony did receive some top-level European interest this season but decided that he wasn’t going to play anywhere unless the offer came from the NBA. As he made clear in the video above, Melo’s focus now is being there for his rising star 16-year-old son Kiyan. -via / May 27, 2023
Speaking of debates, there’s been a passionate debate on whether Anthony’s number should be retired. I don’t know if it will or will not end up in the rafters. What I know: before Anthony’s announcement, there was strong support among some in Madison Square Garden to retire the number. No decision has been made yet. The final decision, I’d assume, will be made by team governor James Dolan. -via SportsNet New York / May 24, 2023

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