Celtics, Wizards, Clippers near deal sending Kristaps Porzingis to Boston

Shams Charania: Breaking: Celtics, Wizards, Clippers are closing in on a trade sending Kristaps Porzingis to Boston, Malcolm Brogdon to L.A., and Marcus Morris and draft compensation to Washington, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.
Source: Twitter @ShamsCharania

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Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS
Ironically, the team I would’ve liked Washington to trade Porzingis to was Phoenix. Built-in chemistry with Beal, and the best way to attack Jokic defensively is going five-out. An Ayton-KP swap would’ve made some sense for Phoenix, but wouldn’t really make sense for the Wiz. – 5:13 PM
Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
Celtics added a huge piece for another championship run, but at the same time, they lost an important piece of their core. If Porzingis continues at a very high level, the Celtics will be the main contenders for the championship. #Celtics #NBATwitter5:12 PM
Jake Fischer @JakeLFischer
I sat down with Kristaps Porzingis back in December, the first time he was really happy/healthy since early NYK days. If he can stay available, Porzingis sounded ready to contribute to a bonafide contender. Cool he’ll have the chance to in Boston: sports.yahoo.com/kristaps-porzi…5:09 PM
Scott Cacciola @ScottCacciola
Kristaps Porzingis is in the news? I once wrote about his endorsement deal with a NJ-based mattress manufacturer, which made him a big one: nytimes.com/2015/12/22/spo…5:08 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Given what we know so far about the trade, Boston’s Guards/Wings/Bigs depth chart would look something like this next year:
R. Williams
Kornet – 5:07 PM
BasketNews @BasketNews_com
Danilo Gallinari is being included in the Kristaps Porzingis trade and will be heading to the Wizards pic.twitter.com/b1iPEyNHcG5:07 PM
BasketNews @BasketNews_com
Danilo Gallinari is being included in the Kristaps Porzingis trade and will heading to the Wizards pic.twitter.com/Dds1cvw2m55:05 PM
Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS
The Kristaps Porzingis experience for Washington overall was pretty positive!
Traded two bad contracts for him, got 1.5 solid years, then flipped him for one bad contract and a first-round pick. Not too shabby even if they shouldn’t just tanked that entire time. – 5:04 PM
Mark Deeks @MarkDeeksNBA
– Much better than Malcolm Brogdon
– Much younger than Malcolm Brogdon
– Much unicornier than Malcolm Brogdon
– Much cheaper to acquire in trade than Malcolm Brogdon even in a trade that also features Malcolm Brogdon – 5:04 PM
John Karalis @John_Karalis
If this trade means Grant’s time is coming to an end, then I wonder if that means an extension for Porzingis – 5:03 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Porzingis, Tatum, and Brown have similar shot profiles and all had usage rates of 27+ last season
Figuring out the geography for all of this will be a really intriguing challenge pic.twitter.com/mrPAA1pnF55:01 PM
Kenny Beecham @KOT4Q
Brad Stevens turned Theis and a late first rounder into Porzingis – 5:00 PM
Yossi Gozlan @YossiGozlan
The Boston Celtics will be $8M below the second tax apron with 12 players after acquiring Kristaps Porzingis.
If Grant Williams doesn’t return, they still have enough flexibility to use the $5M tax MLE. Re-signing him would take them over the second apron, eliminating the MLE. – 4:57 PM
Mark Deeks @MarkDeeksNBA
Wizards traded Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis for Amir Coffey and a chance at Dariq Whitehead. – 4:55 PM
Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
Celtics land Porzingis in 3-team trade
sportando.basketball/en/celtics-lan…4:54 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Obviously because of the contracts, but Kristaps Porzingis netting more first round picks than Bradley Beal is wild. – 4:52 PM
Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
According to multiple league sources, the completion of the Porzingis deal would likely mean that Grant Williams’s time in Boston has come to an end. – 4:49 PM
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
ESPN Sources: The Celtics are working on a trade to acquire the Wizards’ Kristaps Porzingis in a three-team deal that sends Malcolm Brogdon to Clippers. LA would be sending Marcus Morris, Amir Coffey and 30th pick to Washington. Sides still have more work to do on an agreement. – 4:48 PM
Eurohoops @Eurohoopsnet
Kristaps Porzingis close to joining the Boston Celtics
eurohoops.net/en/nba-news/15…4:47 PM
Austin Krell @NBAKrell
The Wizards got *a* first-rounder in the Porzingis deal and that’s one more than they got in the Beal deal. – 4:45 PM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
#Celtics go from 2yr 44M in Brogdon to 1yr, 36M in Porzingis. Stay below 2nd apron for now including Gallo. Gives them multiple options and flexibility next summer. Three options in case of injury, needed rest in front court. Assume Horford starts at 4 for limited mins next to KP – 4:41 PM
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
What would the Celtics roster look like after a Kristaps Porzingis trade? Breaking down the depth chart and what may come next masslive.com/celtics/2023/0…4:41 PM
Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
One of the big things Boston probably needs to do next year is severely limit Al Horford’s regular season role, potentially even removing him from the starting lineup.
Too soon to say how Boston’s rotation will shake out but bringing Al off the bench will be easier with KP. – 4:40 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Kristaps Porzingis:
As a Knick —
17.8 PPG | 7.1 RPG | 2.0 BPG
As a Maverick —
20.0 PPG | 8.8 RPG | 1.7 BPG
As a Wizard —
22.9 PPG | 8.5 RPG | 1.5 BPG
Predict his statline as a Celtic. pic.twitter.com/oryzgmWZTd4:39 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Celtics new roster:
Kristaps Porzingis
Jayson Tatum
Jaylen Brown
Derrick White
Marcus Smart
Al Horford
Robert Williams
Top __ squad in the NBA. pic.twitter.com/fFYL5gzLxH4:35 PM
Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Breaking: Celtics, Wizards, Clippers are closing in on a trade sending Kristaps Porzingis to Boston, Malcolm Brogdon to L.A., and Marcus Morris and draft compensation to Washington, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. – 4:33 PM
Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
Per source, the three-team deal that would bring Wizards center Kristaps Porzingis to Boston is nearing the final stages. – 4:33 PM
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
New: What would a Kristaps Porzingis trade mean for the future of Grant Williams and other moves the Celtics could make this offseason? A first look at what’s next if a deal gets done: masslive.com/celtics/2023/0…4:27 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
Here’s @TheAthleticNBA’s piece on the potential trade between the Wizards, Celtics and Clippers involving Kristaps Porziņģis, from @ShamsCharania, @ByJayKing, @LawMurrayTheNU, @JaredWeissNBA and me.
theathletic.com/4629162/2023/0…4:13 PM
Alvaro Martin @AlvaroNBAMartin
Dice @TheAthleticNBA que Celtics, Clippers y Wizards andan en pláticas para un canje que enviaría a Kristaps Porzingis a Boston, Malcolm Brogdon a LAC, y Marcus Morris y selecciones del Draft a Washington.
En Boston sobraría un pívot. ¿Quién se va?
¿Qué te parece? pic.twitter.com/1rDBwCrq5k4:12 PM
John Hollinger @johnhollinger
On Bos-Was-LAC potential three-way deal reported by @ShamsCharania
* Porzingis needs to opt in by end of day. Possible to opt-in-extend-and-trade
* LAC needs to add one small salary (Preston or Boston?)
* LAC pick could be in 2028, or #30 tomorrow
* WAS would generate ~10M TPE – 4:06 PM
Micah Adams @MAdamsStatGuy
Watching Celtics fans talk themselves into Kristaps Porzingis is the best thing on this app today. – 3:48 PM
John Karalis @John_Karalis
Celtics reportedly in serious talks to acquire Kristaps Porzingis for Malcolm Brogdon
bostonsportsjournal.com/2023/06/21/cel…3:42 PM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
LIVE: Kristaps Porzingis to the Celtics? Brogdon to Clippers? | Garden Report Presented by @FDSportsbook, @factormeals & @AthleticGreens twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…3:39 PM
Tas Melas @TasMelas
This website says Beal and Porzingis are great. Rescind the trades, Wizards! – 3:32 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
The Celtics organization was so diligent in handling Udoka’s sexual misconduct, perhaps alienating their key players in the process.
Turning around and trading for Kristaps Porzingis would be puzzling, to say the least. – 3:31 PM
Kristaps Porzingis trade rumors: Celtics, Wizards, Clippers in talks that would send big man to Boston
cbssports.com/nba/news/krist…3:29 PM
Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Sources: Celtics, Clippers, Wizards in serious talks on deal involving Kristaps Porzingis to Boston, Malcolm Brogdon to L.A., Marcus Morris and draft compensation to Washington.
More details at @TheAthletic with @JaredWeissNBA: theathletic.com/4629162/2023/0…3:28 PM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
Brogdon-Morris-Porzingis doesn’t work. #Celtics need to send out about $7.7M more (Muscala/Gallo? Champagnie/Kornet/Muscala?). Morris-Brogdon off by about $1M from LAC side. There’s going to be more to this. How many players can BOS/LAC reasonably pile on the Clipper? – 3:24 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
Flipping Brogdon for Porzingis is just good roster management. KP makes Boston better and hedges against Horford aging. – 3:22 PM
Michael Dugat @mdug
KP becoming a third option on a contender seems to be pretty much the ideal situation for him. – 3:20 PM
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
New from @SouichiTerada and me: Amid Celtics talks of a 3-team trade for Kristaps Porzingis, what would a full potential deal look like? masslive.com/celtics/2023/0…3:17 PM
Chuck Cooperstein @coopmavs
KP to BOS? Not sure there’s a better combo of need and fit. – 3:15 PM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
I like the Porzingis trade. I don’t love it.
On defense: he checks every box. Drop defender who fits what Mazzulla wants to do perfectly. Moves Horford to 4. Limits reliance on Rob
Don’t like: $, his usage, injury concerns, moving White to bench.
Full: youtu.be/d3w2QOxUfi0 pic.twitter.com/Z8OXWGK8ph3:10 PM
Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Brad Stevens has had his eye on Porzingis for a while. Reported in 2017 that the Celtics were trying to make a deal. nydailynews.com/sports/basketb…3:06 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
A Porzingis to Boston deal has been out there for over a year, I just don’t see it personally
heavy.com/sports/boston-…3:00 PM
Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA
Kristaps Porzingis stats from his career-best season:
Points Allowed Per Pick-and-Roll
1. Anthony Davis (0.91)
2. Steven Adams (0.92)
3. Giannis Antetokounmpo (0.92)
4. Kristaps Porzingis (0.93)
5. Walker Kessler (0.93)
One of the best drop P&R defenders in the NBA. And on… – 2:57 PM
Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Sources: Wizards, Celtics and Clippers are in strong talks on a trade that would send Kristaps Porzingis to Boston, Marcus Morris and draft compensation to Washington and Malcolm Brogdon to Los Angeles. Sides are still working through details and Porzingis’ $36M player option. – 2:50 PM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
The Celtics are pursuing Kristaps Porzingis in a potential opt in-and-trade deal with the Wizards, per @ShamsCharania.
Porzingis averaged career-highs of 23.2 PTS and 49.8 FG% last season. pic.twitter.com/kiq4flzQVh2:42 PM
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
New: What exactly would a potential Kristaps Porzingis deal for the Celtics look like? What I’m hearing after @ShamsCharania reported Boston’s interest in the big man masslive.com/celtics/2023/0…2:35 PM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
If Porzingis declines his 36M player option, #Celtics can’t realistically acquire him. If he opts in, it’ll drastically expand the team’s salary base starting next year. Would he be a rental? C’s would need Grant in a S&T scenario, or Pritchard/Gallo go as salary. Brogdon needed. pic.twitter.com/d7y7NfXfc22:18 PM
Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA
The Celtics are after Kristaps Porzingis, per @ShamsCharania. Earlier this week I wrote about KP’s career-best season and how he could help a contender. Third blurb in here: theringer.com/nba/2023/6/19/…2:15 PM
Damichael Cole @DamichaelC
Victor Wembanyama is considered a generational prospect. No hate at all because I like his game, but what makes him so much better than Kristaps Porzingis? If he’s generational, he has to clear Porzingis pretty easily. What are some of the major differences that separate him? – 2:14 PM
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Wrote about the possibility of the Celtics pursuing Kristaps Porzingis earlier this week at MassLive masslive.com/celtics/2023/0… pic.twitter.com/Oea8dxFCwk2:12 PM
Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Eastern Conference championship contender pursuing Kristaps Porzingis in potential opt in-and-trade with the Wizards: pic.twitter.com/JFQ78784rk2:08 PM

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Marc Stein: The three-team deal to send Kristaps Porzingis to Boston is likewise expected to lead to a July contract extension for Porzingis beyond next season’s $36 million player option, league sources say. Today was the deadline to invoke the option. More NBA: marcstein.substack.com -via Twitter @TheSteinLine / June 21, 2023
Brian Robb: A Grant Williams sign-and-trade is still a possibility in the wake of a potential Porzingis deal per a league source. Look for the team to keep their options open with him as a restricted free agent with a qualifying offer next week. -via Twitter @BrianTRobb / June 21, 2023

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