Damian Lillard’s agent warning non-Heat teams against trading for his client

As he executes the exit of the greatest player in franchise history, executives talking to Cronin describe him as devoid of sentiment. Business for Damian Lillard, business for the Blazers. As Cronin explores the broader landscape, Lillard’s agent, Aaron Goodwin, has been calling prospective trade partners and warning against trading for his client, team executives told ESPN. Goodwin is telling organizations outside of Miami that trading for Lillard is trading for an unhappy player. As interference goes, this is a time-honored agent maneuver to depress offers and clear a path to a predetermined destination.
Source: Adrian Wojnarowski @ ESPN

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Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Lillard trade update: Make yourself comfortable, we could be here a while
nbcsports.com/nba/news/lilla…10:23 AM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
Damian Lillard’s agent, Aaron Goodwin, has warned potential trade partners against trading for his client, per @wojespn.
Goodwin has reportedly told organizations outside of Miami that trading for Dame is trading for an unhappy player. pic.twitter.com/jXMHWPJ1y810:19 AM
Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
I find it really hard to believe that Dame Lillard – a player and person who has spent his career as a consummate, dedicated professional – would piss and moan and pout and go the James Harden fat suit route… no matter where Dame is at on opening night. – 10:01 AM
Evan Sidery @esidery
Damian Lillard’s agent is calling potentially interested teams telling them he only wants to play for the Heat, per @wojespn (espn.com/nba/insider/in…).
Lillard would seemingly not cooperate if he doesn’t end up in Miami.
This could get ugly between Lillard and Portland as this… pic.twitter.com/3mFBwsaZIM9:37 AM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
With all of this talk about the Heat’s offer, imagine if Damian Lillard had not made the Heat his only preferred trade destination.
Considering the narrative at the moment, the Heat probably wouldn’t have had a chance to get Lillard. – 9:18 AM
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
For ESPN+ on Damian Lillard, the Blazers and the pursuit of market value in the modern NBA superstar trade espn.com/nba/insider/in…9:10 AM
Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz
While noting there’s interest from others teams in Herro to facilitate a Lillard deal, Woj today notes: “General manager Joe Cronin doesn’t plan to operate a transfer portal to the Miami Heat and dutifully deliver history’s greatest Blazer to his targeted team.” – 9:08 AM
Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
New @ringer I wrote about some
non-Dame/Harden questions that still need to be answered this summer theringer.com/nba/2023/7/6/2…9:03 AM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
On July 1, Damian Lillard made his trade request and Jaylen Brown became eligible to sign a supermax deal.
Nothing has been announced on either yet.
Now why is that? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/QJufmNpG6e9:00 AM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
PBT Podcast: Corey Robinson and I talk NBA free agency, the Damian Lillard trade situation, and how “Oof” by Inner Wave sums up the summer for some teams
nbcsports.com/nba/news/pbt-p…8:10 AM
Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang
This week’s Heat Check podcast is out. Breaking down the Damian Lillard situation and where the Heat’s roster stands. Also, early Heat summer league takeaways miamiherald.com/sports/nba/mia…
Apple: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hea…7:33 AM
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The Starting Lineup is live with @TheFrankIsola & @Scalabrine!
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🏀Latest on Damian Lillard
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📺 Watch on the NBA App app.link.nba.com/Sirius-2 pic.twitter.com/Xn1r9Rz5UM7:02 AM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Does Heat’s Tyler Herro have to go if Damian Lillard arrives? Latest “Ask Ira” at sun-sentinel.com/2023/07/06/ask… Plus: Keeping youth; Who takes the last shot? – 6:48 AM
Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“I love Jaylen [Brown] but I’d definitely consider [trading him for Damian Lillard]”.
@WalkerAntoine8 tells @TermineRadio & @SamMitchellNBA he likes Boston better than Miami for a potential Lillard trade. pic.twitter.com/q0OeuVXBWY8:51 PM
Justin Verrier @JustinVerrier
New Group Chat, running through the biggest questions after a brisk free agency: the best blue-chip assets in the Dame chase, who needs James Harden, the most confusing and encouraging teams, and more:
open.spotify.com/episode/266jp9…6:34 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Here, have some Dame Lillard fantasy slop I cooked up pic.twitter.com/SpXHaIgtWB6:23 PM
Erik Slater @erikslater_
Nets: The case for and against Brooklyn acquiring Tyler Herro in a Damian Lillard trade clutchpoints.com/nets-case-acqu…6:04 PM
Erik Slater @erikslater_
My latest for @ClutchPointsApp:
The case for and against the Nets acquiring Tyler Herro in a Damian Lillard trade clutchpoints.com/nets-case-acqu…6:02 PM
Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz
Don’t have it in me to listen to ESPN debate every day why Lillard should be pushing for Boston/Philly instead of Heat & this whole “respect” for Spurs thing. ESPN seems to keep alive other non Miami options partly to justify debating this on its hours and hours of panel shows. – 5:49 PM
Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz
Woj correctly notes that this is different from Durant trade request, which wasn’t honored for 7 1/2 months, because Blazers won’t try to talk Dame out of it (unlike Nets/Durant) and taking Dame to Blazers training camp “wouldn’t be a pleasant (environment) for anyone” – 5:39 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
From earlier — Complex math won’t get in the way of a Lillard deal, Heat practically invented it. sun-sentinel.com/2023/07/05/com…5:19 PM
Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
When should we expect any resolution on James Harden and Damian Lillard? Talking about that & more w/ @danbeyeronfox & @Aaron_Torres on @FoxSportsRadio at 2:30 pm PT! bit.ly/3DFSCV75:01 PM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
Damian Lillard makes so much sense for the Heat, but finding a deal isn’t as simple.
@YourManDevine on the Dame-Miami fit, obstacles and more yhoo.it/3r8k1KW pic.twitter.com/pJBpojVVqE4:36 PM
Christian Clark @cclark_13
New @FromTheWingPod
– Summer League
– Luxury tax conversation
– Dame
📺 youtube.com/watch?v=VHNo0c… pic.twitter.com/AGglbjNUEa3:53 PM
Who gets dealt first, Dame or Harden? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/6BiZ00dhv33:28 PM
Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA
Lowe Post podcast: @johnhollinger and I on the latest Dame trade landscape, the James Harden situation, free agency winners/losers, much more:
apple.co/3riHXvl3:14 PM
Tony Jones @Tjonesonthenba
I do believe that as long as it’s a good basketball situation that Damian Lillard would be fine with a trade somewhere other than Miami, eventually. His contract runs too long for him to be ticked off indefinitely – 2:12 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Complex math won’t get in the way of a Damian Lillard deal, Heat practically invented it. sun-sentinel.com/2023/07/05/com… From Jimmy Butler to Goran Dragic to Antoine Walker to Shaquille O’Neal, the Heat have a history of making the numbers work. – 2:04 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
The whole idea that Lillard demanding a trade to one team with four years left on his contract setting some kind of precedent is laughable. OK, maybe when the next franchise goat who spent 11 with one small-market team demands a trade, we can refer back to this summer. – 1:33 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
Don’t know why teams would be worried about Damian Lillard’s contract. It’s only four years away from being expiring. – 1:16 PM
Salman Ali @SalmanAliNBA
As ugly as James Harden’s exodus with the Rockets was – and how he forced his way out was disgraceful – he never limited Houston’s trade options to the extent Damian Lillard is doing right now. – 12:57 PM
Dwight Jaynes @dwightjaynes
The mythical FAs considering the Trail Blazers would be much more concerned about how they will be treated as a Blazer, rather than how they will be treated if they want out. Dame was always treated like a king, by the team and the city. It’s crazy to worry about future FAs. – 12:29 PM
Evan Sidery @esidery
The Spurs also loom as a strong contender to potentially help facilitate Damian Lillard ending up with the Heat.
San Antonio has the needed contracts and cap space to absorb Tyler Herro and Jusuf Nurkic.
Adding Herro to their enticing young core, plus a center to help take… – 12:08 PM
Sean Highkin @highkin
New: If Joe Cronin is really prioritizing the future of the Trail Blazers, he has to be prepared to send Damian Lillard wherever he can get the best offer, even if it’s not Miami
rosegardenreport.com/p/trail-blazer…11:05 AM
Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“I honestly believe they’re telling the Blazers anyone but (Jimmy) Butler, and (Bam) Adebayo”
@IraHeatBeat joined @TheFrankIsola and @Scalabrine and told them the chances of a Damian Lillard to Miami trade pic.twitter.com/4CxUmqiwIj11:04 AM
Steve Bulpett @SteveBHoop
League sources say it was a marriage of necessity between Kyrie Irving and the @dallasmavs and how things need to work out with Luka and Kyrie.
Also, how Dame Lillard differs from James Harden and Kyrie in front office eyes.
From @HeavyOnSports…
bit.ly/448zzgv10:48 AM
Surya Fernandez @SuryaHeatNBA
Something to also consider: “If Scoot or even Sharpe think they are the next Dame Lillard, then how the Blazers break up with the actual Dame Lillard might be relevant.” @teamziller – 10:20 AM

More on this storyline

In the wake of past trade requests, like those from Durant last season or Anthony Davis in 2019, there are differences borne out of Lillard’s determination to get a trade to Miami. The Los Angeles Lakers and Suns gathered up high draft picks in repeated trips to the lottery and developed those assets into future All-Star players. Miami has missed the playoffs three times in the past 15 seasons, which has made it harder to harvest the requisite package for the kind of blockbuster the Blazers want to negotiate. That’s also the issue for the LA Clippers, who have interest in a Lillard trade, sources said. -via ESPN / July 6, 2023
Small-market teams, like Utah, can’t acquire the likes of Lillard in free agency, but armed with draft picks and developing young players, they can become dangerous lurkers in the trade process. The Jazz made a call to check on Lillard, sources said, but that isn’t a significant development. An offer would be a development. First, the Jazz must consider if Lillard’s timeline at nearly 33 years old makes sense for their young team — and could they acquire him at a reasonable cost to stay flexible for the next young star who becomes available in trades? Lillard probably doesn’t fit for the Jazz, but he will somewhere, sometime. Maybe it’s this summer, maybe it’s the desperation of another team’s bad start to the regular season. Some teams come aggressively for a new available star player. Those with limited assets offer everything with an understanding they’re likely light on what’s needed to make them a viable trade partner. More teams lie in wait, hanging on the edges of the process. They hope a restrained offer, coupled with mild upgrades, can eventually secure them a star. That’s how Toronto landed San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard five summers ago. -via ESPN / July 6, 2023
Portland doesn’t want guard Tyler Herro and the four years and $120 million owed on his extension, but there are teams that have told ESPN they would surrender a good first-round pick to the Blazers — maybe something more — to become a facilitator by taking on Herro in a three-way deal. -via ESPN / July 6, 2023

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