Extension before 2023 free agency: Who are the candidates?

As free agency approaches, potential free agents are preparing for their future. Teams and players can begin negotiations on June 30, the final day of the 2022-23 salary cap year. Some players, still extension-eligible till that date, can bypass free agency by signing a new deal now. Naz Reid and the Minnesota Timberwolves have initiated proceedings three-year, $42 million deal that he was eligible to sign all season long.

Some players like Draymond Green and Khris Middleton, who seem like good bets to re-sign with their current teams would make sense as extension candidates. However, they could be looking at securing long-term deals where they get a lower starting salary. They wouldn’t be allowed to extend at a lower starting salary than the player option amounts they declined, but they could in free agency. The new CBA has changed that rule to allow such players with options to extend at lower amounts starting next offseason.

Here are several other players who remain extension-eligible and could come to terms on a deal prior to free agency.

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