Gilbert Arenas believes Joel Embiid more to blame for 76ers playoff failures than Ben Simmons

Gilbert Arenas on Ben Simmons getting all the blame for 76ers playoff failures: Well, he didn’t say anything. Technically he didn’t say anything. He didn’t say anything a’right. If we are gonna put blame on someone, I am always gonna blame the most talented and the most naturally gifted of the group and that is gonna be Joel Embiid. Right? It reminds me of what Shaquille O’Neal was to Kobe Bryant. You have this guy who is hungry, he wants to win, he wants to be the best that he can be. And then he sees this ultra god-gifted player not tapping into his potential! A’right you’ve got Kobe sitting there coming 3-4 times a day. Shaq is like I am gonna show up when I show up then I go out there and give you 30, 18 rebounds and Kobe is like if you practice 3 times a day, no one on this planet can guard you. That’s the Joel Embiid thing with me like bro you are so gifted. If you put in hours and hours and hours on your craft, you will be unstoppable to the point where Ben Simmons is just… You’re supposed to be carrying this team with your dominance but you’re not and we are blaming everyone else.”
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Tom Ziller @teamziller
Wrote about Embiid’s comment and how the potentiality of a superstar leaving is already baked into the heartbreak of loss.
This — the idea that the team might lose its centerpiece in the near future — is part of why playoff failures hurt so bad.… AM
Kane Pitman @KanePitman
Is it possible that one of the 10 current NBA players (not named Ben Simmons) could miss the final 12-man FIBA World Cup squad?!
With Nick Kay, Duop Reath, Chris Goulding and Matthew Dellavedova in the mix, I think it’s possible and I certainly don’t envy the selectors. AM
Alvaro Martin @AlvaroNBAMartin
“Solo quiero ganar un campeonato. Lo que requiera. No se dónde será. Sea en Philly o en otro lugar”
-Joel Embiid a Maverick Carter en un panel del festival de cine de UNINTERRUPTED.
Cuando se entere su ex-agente Leon Rose (hoy Presidente de @NYKnicks)…. PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
2023 Nets: Kyrie Irving x Kevin Durant 🔀 76ers: James Harden x Joel Embiid – 5:47 PM
Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
New Orange and Blue Bloods is live
@EJ_Stewart and I discuss:
* Embiid
* Fournier
* Vegas
* Dray and Trae…4:09 PM
The Ringer @ringernba
How will Joel Embiid take that next step to improve in the postseason? What will the Sixers do with James Harden?
📼: PM
Eurohoops @Eurohoopsnet
Will Joel Embiid and James Harden stay together in Philadelphia? 🤔
76ers President Daryl Morey commented on the matter:…2:15 PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
“We need to make sure Joel Embiid, one of the best players on earth, has a top running mate,” Morey said. – 12:41 PM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Pacers’ Mylers Turner explains the difference between guarding Nikola Jokić and Joel Embiid…12:32 PM
Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA
New Mismatch out now with @ChrisVernonShow recapping NBA summer league, the slow news day Joel Embiid story, whether any other teams should pursue James Harden, and more.
Subscribe wherever you get your pods. We’re still recording every week this summer.…12:25 PM
Sean Barnard @Sean_Barnard1
Daryl Morey is directly asked if the Tyrese Haliburton deal was on the table in exchange for Ben Simmons and responds- “We turned over every rock there. The Harden trade was really the only one available.” – 12:16 PM
Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
Joel Embiid made interesting comments the other day about wanting a chance to win a championship
@TheFrankIsola & @Scalabrine reacted to them on The Starting Lineup! AM
Joel Embiid @JoelEmbiid
I don’t have too many words!! It just doesn’t make sense – 11:39 AM
Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
Morning Brew
Is Joel Embiid Flirting?
(While Evan Fournier is Venting)…10:45 AM
Bill Reiter @sportsreiter
I’m live on @CBSSportsRadio from 10-noon ET coast-to-coast: RB gloom, A&M dysfunction, a pun returns, Embiid stokes worry in Philly, @BarrettSallee, SEC Media Days, Justified is back, Buy/Sell w/@DecelCBS, soccer!, more.
@Audacy app
@SIRIUSXM 158 – 9:46 AM
Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
Joel Embiid: I just want to win a championship, whether it’s in Philly or anywhere else…9:37 AM
Bill Reiter @sportsreiter
The latest on the Embiid-Sixers relationship, would-be Embiid landing spots and more musings and NBA gossip for @CBSSportsNBA…9:22 AM
Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA
New Lowe Post podcast: Joel Embiid’s comments/Sixers future/Harden situation, then Lakers offseason/outlook with @mcten and how the Suns will look on the floor with @SchwartzCenterM:
Apple: AM
Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
🏀Joel Embiid’s Future in Doubt?
🏀James Harden & Tyler Herro Latest
🏀Cavs’ win Summer League
@TheFrankIsola & @Scalabrine bring you all the headlines on The Starting Lineup!
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Jon Johnson @jonjohnsonwip
Cowardly move by Embiid
Were his comments directed at Morey, or fanbase?
RB importance in today’s NFL
Cheese Puffs AM
StatMuse @statmuse
Most RPG + APG by a rookie since the merger:
16.3 — Ben Simmons
15.9 — Blake Griffin
15.7 — Shaquille O’Neal
15.4 — Mark Jackson
15.1 — Magic Johnson
Which rookie will average the most RPG + APG in the 2023-24 season? PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#ICYMI Joel Embiid discusses the challenge of winning an NBA championship ‘whether it’s Philly or anywhere else’… via @phillyinquirer – 5:45 PM
Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
And NO, I don’t believe Joel Embiid will be suiting up in purple and gold anytime soon, but with how crazy player movement has been in the NBA, things change very quickly and who the hell knows what the future holds for Embiid, especially if things head south in Philly. – 2:00 PM
Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Joel Embiid news hit the morning, w/ reigning NBA MVP admitting he wants to win a championship even if it’s not w/ the 76ers, which created some odds on @betonline_ag, w/ the Lakers on the list at +650 – Knicks are favored at +200. PM
John Gonzalez @JohnGonzalez
I do not care what Joel Embiid said it’s Fightin’s season. Thank you. This has been a PSA. – 1:41 PM
Sean Highkin @highkin
Observing the Embiid discourse today. As soon as Dame finally asked for a trade like everyone had been begging him to, the content machine is moving on to the next guy. That’s always how it goes. – 1:37 PM
76ers star Joel Embiid says he wants to win championship ‘in Philly or anywhere else’…1:36 PM
Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Joel Embiid would leave Sixers for championship goal: “Whatever it takes.”…12:30 PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
Joel Embiid discusses the challenge of winning an NBA championship ‘whether it’s Philly or anywhere else’… via @phillyinquirer – 12:02 PM
Joel Embiid @JoelEmbiid
I’ve lost my place as best troll here though and it went to @dmorey – 11:58 AM
Austin Krell @NBAKrell
Joel Embiid took ownership of the Sixers like never before, reminding them and everyone else that he can turn the lights out on Philadelphia’s hopes and dreams with the snap of a finger:…11:54 AM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Joel Embiid: ‘I just want to win a championship… whether it’s in Philly or anywhere else’…11:05 AM
Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
Unpacking the Embiid quotes making the rounds today, which includes:
—intel on the Harden situation
—additional quotes from the full interview and not a 90 second twitter video
—a prediction on how Embiid will address this when asked in the future
more…11:00 AM
Evan Sidery @esidery
Joel Embiid on his future aspirations:
“I just want to win a championship. Whatever it takes. I don’t know where that’s gonna be. Whether it’s in Philly or anywhere else. I just want to have a chance.”
The pressure is officially on for the Sixers to capitalize on their win-now… AM
StatMuse @statmuse
Most points by scoring type last season:
Drive — Shai (1,162)
Pull up — Luka (762)
Post touch — Jokic (343)
Elbow touch — Embiid (434)
Catch & shoot — Klay (727) PM
Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“He’s a problem!”
@CoachNickNurse discusses Joel Embiid and his new role with the @sixers.
@termineradio | @thefrankisola PM

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Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently shared his perspective on racism, sparking a discussion about the true nature of the issue. In an interview with VLAD TV, Arenas expressed his belief that he has never personally experienced real racism throughout his basketball career. When asked about encountering racism in the NBA, Arenas responded with a firm “No,” stating that true racism is rooted in the hatred of someone’s existence solely based on their color. He emphasized that being called racist because of attending games with black athletes or having admiration for their skills is misguided, highlighting the incongruity of supporting and idolizing black players while holding prejudiced beliefs about their personal lives. -via TalkBasket / July 16, 2023
The host then told Arenas that while people might attend games with black athletes, but they might think that they are inferior and, for example, wouldn’t want them to date their daughter or invite to their home. Arenas thought that it’s more stupid than racist. “Yeah, but I have on your jersey, I have on your shoes, I buy your product. Sounds stupid,” he said. “I’m up here cheering and jumping. ‘You can’t date my daughter! But can you take a picture with her?’ That’s f*cking stupid. I don’t know what f*cking book you’re reading from, but it’s not the book that I’ve learned. And that’s why I say you give me Duke. Duke probably wouldn’t show up to a game that has all black people. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even go to sports games. That’s real racism. That’s someone who says ‘Hey, I don’t consider none of this valuable.’” -via TalkBasket / July 16, 2023
“I mean line up the Acela Express and send him up to New York,” McMenamin said on an episode of Lowe’s The Lowe Post podcast. “That’s been what has been the murmurs. [Lowe] said New York, we’ve all heard New York, we know the connection between Leon Rose and Joel Embiid. “We also know, quite frankly, that Daryl Morey came into a situation that was largely set up before him and he will continue to craft that team in the fashion that he wants it to look like. -via New York Post / July 18, 2023
Adrian Wojnarowski on James Harden trade update: The James Harden situation in terms of where we are in the calendar in July. It feels a lot like what Daryl Morey was doing with Ben Simmons a couple of years ago. His asking price is exorbitant. Teams are not engaging the Sixers with the kind of asks Daryl Morey is asking for in exchange for James Harden. So that’s where Daryl Morey always starts with trade talks – really high. And then over time perhaps, you work him back down. But like with Simmons, there’s hope from the Sixers that eventually at some point, they can get James Harden on board about being in Philadelphia on the final year of his deal, this opt-in that he did at $35.5 million. Now, they may get to training camp and it may look different to Philly. They may have a James Harden who’s not as enthusiastic about his return as they are. And then maybe they’ll get more serious about it but right now, I think the Harden talks, like Lillard, are gonna linger into the summer. -via Twitter @ClutchPointsApp / July 14, 2023
NBA Central: Tyler Herro and Ben Simmons working out together 🔥 -via Twitter @TheNBACentral / July 13, 2023
There’s been league-wide speculation that Brooklyn has looked into adding Herro as an effort to offload Ben Simmons. However the Nets, league sources told Yahoo Sports, have not held any meaningful trade conversation regarding Simmons and this Lillard-to-Miami blockbuster. -via Yahoo! Sports / July 12, 2023

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