Grant Williams goes in-depth on trash talk vs. Jimmy Butler: Jimmy knows it’s all love, we’re just competitors

Grant Williams on back-and-forth trash talk with Jimmy Butler in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals: That’s a funny thing that happened. We’re playing that game, I think we’re up by eight, I’m playing well. And Jimmy says, ‘Hell naw, he ain’t here.’ So I made a three and I said, ‘Hell naw, m***********, I’m here.’ I said it to him, barking, because I’m always gonna respond. I never talk trash myself… I’m not a trash talker, I’m too nerdy. Next thing you know, I’m saying ‘Hell naw, m***********, I’m here.’ … So next thing you know, that happens, then, the next play, Jimmy, hesi, boom, stops, pivots, and-1. So Jimmy says, ‘I’m here, too, m***********.’ And so I’m like, ‘I don’t give a f***,’ we’re going back and forth, because I’m not backing down. We were missing in that series, they were punking us the entire time. We go back and forth, and it’s crazy, I always look back [and realize] I scored our last 10 points. Jimmy had eight. But the difference is, Max Strus made a three, Gabe Vincent made a three, so they end up winning that game. If that doesn’t happen, we win the game and no one is bringing that up, the poking-the-bear stuff. … After the game in media, I said, ‘He busted my ass, I’m gonna be able to come back next game, I’m not running from anybody, I’m not scared, I’m not gonna get punked.’ Next game, you saw, I defended really well, Jimmy didn’t play well, I blocked his shot, I palmed it. Jimmy knows it’s all love, we’re just competitors naturally. Afterward, he even said he respected me because I’m a competitor, I just do this stuff to get myself going. I respect it, too, because everyone has their own thing. So we end up losing the series and it sucks because get to the Finals and who knows what happens? World works in mysterious ways.
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Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Your Jimmy Butler content of the day:
Getting hit in the head with a shoe in China lol PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Haslem’s pay-it-forward Heat approach paying off with Robinson, Cain; Jimmy Butler exuding confidence.…5:32 PM
“Are we gonna sit here and doubt Jimmy Butler? … Lillard or no Lillard, do not count this team out.”
—@ZachLowe_NBA on the Heat’s ceiling this upcoming season 👀 📈 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Randomly just came across this video in my camera roll lol
Jimmy Butler and Jamal Cain going 1-on-1 earlier this season with some…added talking lol
(Seeing the growth he’s made, still think he gets that standard contract) PM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
They say hips don’t lie, but what about reports that say Jimmy Butler and Shakira are an item? 🤔 PM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
They say hips don’t lie, but what about reports that Jimmy Butler and Shakira are an item? 🤔 PM

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When Grant Williams first heard that he was on the Mavericks’ radar as a restricted free agent, it got his attention. “I remember being super stoked and excited because of the organization and the people there,” Williams said Friday while taking in the Mavericks’ 112-91 victory over Indiana at the NBA 2K24 Summer League. “And also the team and the potential there and the growth they have shown. Coming off a Western Conference finals appearance two years ago. And the past year not necessarily having the year they wanted to have, and getting Kyrie and trying to accustom themselves to a new group. “Being a part of that (the goal is to) hopefully building a foundation to have great success and get back to not only the Western Conference finals, but further.” -via / July 16, 2023
But the bottom line is that Williams, who will be going into his fifth season, got the desired ending in free agency. But it wasn’t always pleasant. “Very difficult. Restricted free agency is terrible,” Williams said. “Unrestricted, you have a good understanding of where you want to go, but restricted, you’re pretty much in a waiting game. “You want to make sure you understand what the offers are but also understand that teams might match or a team might be asking for more than another team is willing to give. It’s definitely an interesting process. I still think free agency is a little bit fun, but also a little bit nerve-wracking.” -via / July 16, 2023
Last Friday night, two days after Grant Williams learned he was headed to the Mavericks in a sign-and-trade, the forward went to dinner at a posh Las Vegas restaurant with his close friend and former Celtics teammate, Jayson Tatum. Over the last four seasons the two developed a brotherly relationship built on sarcasm and playful ribbing, and they saw no reason to stop on this night, even though they were now rivals. “I’m gonna bust your [butt] when we play Dallas,” Tatum told Williams. “You think?” Williams said. “You can’t go left. And I’m gonna be physical with you, and you’ll go cry to the referees.” -via Boston Globe / July 15, 2023

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