Jeff Teague on his podcast: ‘I just don’t take myself so serious’

There was a viral tweet the other day on this topic so I thought I’d ask you. Why are your stories always so negative? Jeff Teague: It’s not negative. It’s just the truth. I just don’t take myself so serious. Like everybody else wants to say ‘oh I was the best player to do this, I was the best player to do that’ or ‘I worked so hard…’ and that’s cool. I did that too but I just don’t take it so serious. I played basketball and I loved it. I enjoyed it. It was my career. I was able to take care of my family but now when I look back on it, it was fun. I’m a clown naturally so I clowned in the locker room all the time. That’s why I got all these stories because I joke too much. That’s probably why people can say stuff to me and I don’t take it as offensive or nothing.
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Jeff Teague double backed on his Harden-Wade opinion 👀 PM

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Teague and his friends never wanted to do a basketball podcast. In fact, their biggest inspiration to start their pod was The Joe Budden Podcast. “His podcast is really why we started,” Teague says. “We weren’t really based off basketball but obviously playing basketball my whole life, it always goes back to that.” -via / August 6, 2023
To that point, you had the situation with Tracy McGrady, who said your story wasn’t true. Some, inclduing T-Mac might say you’re fabricating stories to go viral… Jeff Teague: Nah because I ain’t never think that was going to go viral. We didn’t have that many people watching the show at first and I don’t got no reason to lie. I mean, I was a fan of T-Mac. I’m still a fan. It just happened. -via / August 6, 2023
Is it crazy to you that people are just finding out you have personality? Jeff Teague: Well, I kind of made it like that. I hated talking to the media. I just kind of wanted to do my job and go home. In the locker room, everybody knew I joked all the time. Everybody called me the clown of the team. My first two years, Mike Bibby was my vet and he used to tell me that the gym was my playground, he said ‘you like a little kid, this your playground.’ It kind of just carried over to my whole career. I just joke all day. -via / August 6, 2023

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