NBA opinions on Zion Williamson all over the place: One person told reporter Pelicans should pull the plug on Zion era

During my time in Vegas, I heard opinions from a few folks who were all over the place when it comes to Zion Williamson and his current value. I had one person associated with a team tell me New Orleans should pull the plug on his era while they have the chance this offseason. I had another person tell me he believes Williamson is going to be fueled by all the controversy this summer and become an MVP candidate in 2023-24. With Williamson, it’s easy to see his career going in either direction.
Source: William Guillory, John Hollinger, William Guillory and John Hollinger @ The Athletic

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Linked up with my guy @johnhollinger to talk:
— The Zion Williamson situation
— The Pelicans’ salary cap dilemma
— What should they do about the center position?
— Should they consider pursuing Damian Lillard?…11:25 AM
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Highest FG% in a season with 25+ PPG (minimum 50 games):
61.1 — Zion Williamson
60.4 — Kevin McHale
60.0 — Charles Barkley
59.9 — Shaquille O’Neal
59.0 — Amar’e Stoudemire PM

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Pelicans star Zion Williamson, his stepfather and his mother allegedly have failed to pay back $1.8 million of a $2 million loan from a California-based technology company. In a civil lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court in New Orleans, Ankr PBC stated that it made the loan in September 2021 to Williamson and family members while in the midst of trying to establish a marketing relationship with the Pelicans’ All-Star power forward. -via ESPN / July 26, 2023
The company — which specializes in blockchain-related technologies used in finance and data storage — states in the lawsuit that it hoped Williamson would serve as an Ankr spokesperson. The lawsuit also states that the player’s stepfather, Lee Anderson, represented Williamson as his business manager and required up-front payment of $150,000 to negotiate a potential business relationship with his stepson. -via ESPN / July 26, 2023
The Pelicans have no reason to come out and say Zion Williamson has a bad relationship with the team. It weakens their leverage in the event they want to trade the former No. 1 overall pick. With that being said, David Griffin is adamant they’re not trading Williamson. “We never had a single [trade] conversation that Zion was part of,” Griffin said. -via / July 16, 2023

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