NBA players who can veto trades in 2023-24

In the NBA, there are limited instances where players have the right to veto trades. The most common is the No Trade Clause, which players with eight years of service can qualify for with teams they’ve been on for at least four seasons. Bradley Beal is the only player in the league who currently has one.

Then there are veto rights, which are given to any player who re-signs with his previous team for one guaranteed season. This applies to any player who re-signs on a one-year deal, or two-year deal with an option on the second year. It also applies to restricted free agents who accept their one-year qualifying offers with their previous teams, or ones whose offer sheets get matched.

If a player waives his veto rights on a trade, his Bird rights clock would reset to Non-Bird. This was done to prevent teams from re-signing players for the sole purpose of making them walking trade exceptions. The new CBA allows players re-signing on such deals to waive their veto rights ahead of the season. D’Angelo Russell and Mo Wagner are the first to have done so, meaning they would lose their Bird rights if traded.

Here are all the players who can veto trades in the 2023-24 season.

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