NBA Rumors: Damian Lillard, Tyler Herro, Pascal Siakam, Knicks, Suns, Pacers, Nets, Mavericks, Hornets

Three questions predominantly arose when bumping into executives and agents during NBA Summer League on the concourse between the Thomas and Mack Center and Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas: 

What’s the word on Damian Lillard?

Where’s Tyler Herro going to end up?

What are you hearing about Pascal Siakam?

Below is the latest intel gathered by HoopsHype on trade talks surrounding Lillard, Herro, Siakam, a three-team trade discussed by the Knicks, Suns, and Pacers, plus the latest free agency updates on the Nets, Mavericks, Hornets, and Summer League interviews on HoopsHype. 

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