Sixers would’ve considered a two-year offer for James Harden?

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Jeff Teague double backed on his Harden-Wade opinion 👀 PM
Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto
Reporting on James Harden and PJ Tucker trade talks, a look at the futures of Joel Embiid and Daryl Morey, why an extension for Tyrese Maxey is unlikely, the transition from Doc Rivers to Nick Nurse, and more with @PompeyOnSixers on the @hoopshype podcast.…12:35 PM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
The James Harden *thing* continues to hover over the Sixers’ offseason doldrums. But they have unique flexibility for a win-now team, with the cap space to take multiple paths to retool around Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. It’s a critical opportunity:…10:00 AM
Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
Starting with James Harden, and trying to dive deep and understand if there is any sort of deal that could tick boxes for the 76ers to make them execute a move.…7:30 PM
Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
Hey! @MG_Schindler and I are about to go live! We’re going to talk:
-Is there a James Harden trade that makes sense?
-Aday Mara to UCLA, Johnny Furphy to Kansas
-PJ Washington Free Agency
-Four underrated young guys that Mark wants to talk about… PM
Harden lives at the line 👀
(h/t @ClutchPoints) PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Most RPG + APG by a guard last season:
16.8 — James Harden
16.6 — Luka Doncic
14.9 — LaMelo Ball
14.1 — Tyrese Haliburton PM

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Michael Scotto: Wrapping up on Harden, the other question is, why the Clippers? You saw Kawhi Leonard play last year when he wasn’t hurt. It’s the same kind of risk factor there with Joel Embiid. Both are star players with injury-prone careers at times. Winning a championship isn’t easy, but it’s something Harden wants to do. He’s been looking for a place where he’s loved and appreciated from a basketball fit. For him, it’s an amazing market and an opportunity for James to play where he grew up. Harden, Kawhi, and Paul George are all a little later in their careers, so the urgency is there, and cohesiveness should be there with a great owner that’s willing to spend, Steve Ballmer, and management. I think you also have to look at the coaching factor, which could be appealing there. There were reports about him and Doc Rivers not getting along. There’s every reason for him to want to go there. -via HoopsHype / August 5, 2023
Keith Pompey: The rhetoric that’s coming out now is if they don’t get it done this year, they’ll have a lot of cap space next year. It sounds like that gives you an extra year to see if you can get things done. The problem that Morey faces is before you had Doc Rivers, who you could blame, you could blame “The Process,” you could blame other people. Right now, all eyes are on Morey. He came here to bring James Harden. He’s also one of the most recognizable front-office executives in pro sports. The fact that he took over a Sixers team, and if they don’t get out of the second round, he’s going to take the blame and the brunt of it. He could be the guy that goes. -via HoopsHype / August 5, 2023

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