Things remain quiet on PJ Washington free agency front

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Rod Boone @rodboone
#Hornets mailbag: You asked, we answered your questions about:
• PJ Washington
• Miles Bridges
• New ownership
• Cody Martin
• Rotations and more…1:29 PM

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Vinay: Is there any other teams linked to PJ Washington other than the hornets? Also how was Vegas? Marc Stein: Charlotte seems to be the only one right now and that’s why it has moved so slow. -via Marc Stein’s Substack / July 15, 2023
The problem for Washington is there’s no competitor to draw up Charlotte’s price. Any rival team would be limited to the four-year, $50 million ballpark of the mid-level exception. If Washington wants to get starter-level money, his only option is with the Hornets or finding a sign-and-trade scenario. At this juncture, it appears the Hornets would prefer to work on a sign-and-trade rather than Washington accepting the qualifying offer.  Grant Williams found himself in a similar, yet quicker situation with Boston, and the Celtics at least recouped two second-round picks for his departure to the Dallas Mavericks. -via Yahoo! Sports / July 14, 2023

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