Thunder’s Cason Wallace: ‘Jrue Holiday is someone to look up to’

You’ve mentioned that you watched a lot of Jrue Holiday growing up. What parts of his game did you emulate growing up? Cason Wallace: I like how he gets to his spots. I like how he has good pace coming off his pick and rolls. And you know, he has that dog mentality. He plays hard on both ends as well. I want to be the best version of me but he is somebody that I look at as someone to look up to.
Source: Sam Yip @ HoopsHype

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Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles
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Brandon Rahbar @BrandonRahbar
Cason Wallace had 2 steals in the first half and caused at least 2 other turnovers.
Wallace was one of the NCAA’s leaders in steals at 2.0 per game.
SGA was #4 in the NBA in steals, JDub had more steals than any player in 2023 and Lu Dort averaged 1 steal a game.
OKC Plunder. – 5:32 PM
Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles
Cason Wallace creating free throws on a hard-nosed defensive possession to make it a two-possession game before the half is the stuff that adds up and changes games. – 5:21 PM
Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles
Cason Wallace breaking up that lob like he is Ed Reed on a jump ball. Mark Daigneault once again nails a comparison. – 5:09 PM
Clemente Almanza @CAlmanza1007
Wow Cason Wallace single-handedly broke up that 2v1 transition alley-oop – 5:09 PM
Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles
Very sad Hunter Maldonado did not cash in that beautiful pass from Cason Wallace. – 4:46 PM
Clemente Almanza @CAlmanza1007
What an excellent possession by Cason Wallace there to avoid the turnover despite being pressed hard by the Wizards – 4:40 PM
Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles
Cason Wallace gets such good leverage when guys try to post him up. Really sturdy. – 4:37 PM
Joe Mussatto @joe_mussatto
Cason Wallace, Jared Butler, Keyontae Johnson, Ousmane Dieng and KJ Williams starting for the Thunder today. – 4:34 PM
Henry Abbott @TrueHoop
The summer league play of Victor, Scoot, Amen, Ausar, Anthony Black, Bilal Coulibaly, Jarace Walker, Jett Howard, Dereck Lively II, O-Max, Gradey Dick, Ben Sheppard, and Cason Wallace, through the eyes of @coachthorpe…4:31 PM

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In large part because of its dramatic swings and 7-game length, TNT’s broadcast of Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals averaged 11.9 million viewers — the third-biggest NBA rating in the network’s history. Entering the final round, the NBA playoffs had been averaging 4.71 million viewers across ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBA TV, the best viewership since 2012. Game 1 overnight numbers indicated a 5% dip from 2022, but that audience is more than respectable given that Miami and Denver have much bigger media footprints than those of last year’s finalists, the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors. -via Deadline / June 4, 2023
Jrue Holiday: I play defense to go against the best players, no matter what position or however it may be. While I was in it, I was hot. I’m getting my ass busted. And then he [Butler] started talking s*** in the last game. And that’s what competitors do and Jimmy is the ultimate competitor. But you hate losing. I hate losing. […] A lot of plays Jimmy Butler made, there was nothing that I could do. There’s nothing that anybody could do. It didn’t matter if it was Brook on him, if it was LeBron James or Michael Jordan on him. It didn’t matter who was on him. Jimmy was playing at a different level. -via / May 25, 2023
What’s the biggest piece of advice you’ve gotten from coach John Calipari and anyone else at Kentucky? Cason Wallace: Probably stay true to yourself. Make sure that outside noises aren’t dictating what you want to do and influence your decisions. Make sure what you’re doing is what you want to do. Yeah, it’s a long season. The NBA season is twice as long, so I know that you can’t get down too far on the loss and your team is going to help you get through it pretty much. The stronger y’all are off the court, the better you’ll be on the court. -via HoopsHype / July 16, 2023
Joe Mussatto: Cason Wallace has officially signed with the Thunder. He’ll be eligible to play tomorrow. -via Twitter @joe_mussatto / July 7, 2023

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