Tracy McGrady: There used to be a debate for who was NBA’s best player, me or Kobe Bryant

“That was a conversation of who was the best player in the league,” Tracy McGrady said to Patrick Beverley. “It was me and Kobe Bryant — of barbershop talk and around the league. Real hoopers, real basketball people know.”
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Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Steph Curry revealed how Kobe Bryant once gave him an incredible compliment.…10:00 PM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness
Kendall Brown had a frustrating rookie season.
First diagnosed with a stress reaction — which developed into a stress fracture and needed surgery.
Cleared in June, KB re-signed with the Pacers today.
“You forget how it feels to be healthy sometimes.”… PM
Chris Biderman @TheWarriorsWire
Steph Curry revealed how Kobe Bryant once gave him an incredible compliment.…1:05 PM
Chris Palmer @ChrisPalmerNBA
Kobe’s love of Ferraris was developed at a young age. In Italy he would see them zooming around the streets. PM

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The Los Angeles Dodgers will be giving away Kobe Bryant-themed baseball jerseys as part of their Lakers Night promotion, the team announced. The black baseball-style uniforms feature the Dodgers’ traditional script logo across the chest with Bryant’s No. 8 on the front and his No. 24 on the back. The material is printed to look like the scales of a snake’s skin, similar to the commemorative jerseys the Los Angeles Lakers wore in Bryant’s memory in the NBA bubble. -via ESPN / July 25, 2023
The black Bryant jerseys, featuring Lakers gold trim and accents, will be distributed when the Dodgers host the Atlanta Braves on Sept. 1 for fans who purchase their entry through a special event ticket package on the team’s website. -via ESPN / July 25, 2023
Tracy McGrady: “You look at some of the greats that have come through this game. And I’m not saying Magic Johnson was lucky, but Magic Johnson played with a lot of freaking Hall of Famers. I’m not saying Larry Bird was lucky either. He played with a lot of Hall of Famers as well. Jordan wasn’t so lucky of playing with a lot of Hall of Famers. He just had a great sidekick in Scottie Pippen. But if you look at Jordan before Scottie Pippen became Scottie Pippen, Jordan was just a great individual player. Like, Jordan wasn’t getting out of the first round or going deep into the playoffs before Scottie Pippen became Scottie Pippen.” -via YouTube / July 26, 2023
So, related to that, within the last few months we’ve heard both Patrick Beverley and DeMar DeRozan basically say that half of the players in the NBA don’t really love the game. Did you think the same in your time? Tracy McGrady: I agree to that. You have some guys that are talented, and they do it because the money is good. In my era, you used to have guys that make it to the league, and they’ll be shitty for two or three years, but on their contract year? Oh, they’re gonna have their career highs, right? And then they just fall back and they get their money, and then they relax. You don’t love the game if you approach it that way. It’s been going on since I entered the league, and it’s still going on. -via / July 25, 2023
And that’s because? Tracy McGrady: It’s more exciting to me. I like college basketball because they play hard. And it’s competitive basketball. I’m not saying the NBA is not competitive, but it’s too much of everybody shooting threes. You’re jacking up and taking terrible basketball shots. I don’t see that on the college level. -via / July 25, 2023

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